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"Free games" for PS4 and PS5 are open

“Free games” for PS4 and PS5 are open

Sony has implemented “free games” for PS Plus subscribers for September 2021. So you can reload your home console three times without paying extra.

PS Plus Games for September 2021 “Over Cooked! Everything you can eat “,” Hitman 2 “and” Predator: Hunting Grounds. “Below is an overview with more details. One click on the links will take you directly to the PlayStation Store.

PS Plus in September 2021

Too much cooked! Everything you can eat (PS4 & PS5)

Hitman 2 (PS4)

Predator: Hunting Ground (PS4)

You have another month to pack new PS Plus games in your library. You can play them without restrictions as long as you are an active member of PS Plus.

Next month, the PS Plus Games for September 2021 will be removed from the Instant Games Collection and replaced by other games. Dates can be re-predicted. Because Sony relied on a tried and tested rule that was rarely avoided. If all goes according to plan, mark the following dates for October:

  • Launch of the PS Plus October offer on September 29, 2021
  • The new PS Plus games will be released on October 5, 2021

How does this prediction come about? As a rule, PS Plus games are activated on the first Tuesday of each month. With a few exceptions, the announcement was made on Wednesday of the previous week.

Additional news about PlayStation Plus:

PS Plus 1 Euro

If you are not yet a PlayStation Plus member, you can get a taste of the offer as a new customer. For one euro You will get monthly access, which usually costs 8.99 euros. Please note that membership will become a regular subscription if you do not cancel in a timely manner. Please note: This is calculated up to the month Annual membership is considerably cheaper.

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