June 28, 2022


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Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Editor) - Pioneer of German democracy.  30 Brave Women and Men 1789-1918 - SWR2

Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Editor) – Pioneer of German democracy. 30 Brave Women and Men 1789-1918 – SWR2

Journalist and author Tobias Haberl places his new work The Humiliated Man somewhere between a critique of (non-)masculinity and the promotion of understanding. “A slightly ungrateful attitude,” Haberl calls this attempt at mediation in an interview with SWR2. He justifies his view that the world escapes with times “which we will never be able to master only with asterisks.”
Haberl defines his idealistic view of the modern man as “a blend of traditional masculinity and soft, modern masculinity.” He denies the accusations by asking the aggressive and violent man who lived in the past to return. It’s just that if a “toxic man” of the past “like Putin” breaks the rules of the game, then “there is a demand for completely different qualities.”
Haberl explains his interest in the image of men today by saying that during his research he discovered that “old white men” were often victims as well: “Victims of a system they were thrown into—they were overworked at their jobs.” It hurts him that these men of the past were underestimated. knowing today.
In Haberl’s point of view, it should be noted the paradigm shift that has occurred in society in relation to men: “James Bond was a nice man, and today he is a sexist.” In his book, he demanded more patience and a little understanding, especially for older men. If those were more than 50 or 60 years old, they couldn’t fit into the zeitgeist 100 percent. In general, men should learn to become more open to change, feminist attitudes, and the needs of minorities. Haberl is optimistic about the mix of traditional and modern masculinity: “I think your heart tells you where the right mix is.”
Tobias Haberl has been working at Süddeutsche Zeitung and “SZ-Magazin” since 2005. In 2016 he was awarded the Theodor Wolf Prize.

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