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“Fortnight” Season 6 Chapter 2: When Does It Start?

“Fortnight” Season 5 is currently about hunting and bounty hunters. Season 6 starts today.

The new season of “Fortnight” began in December 2020. This time everything is about hunting and bounty hunters – among other things, a And Mandalorian “-skin * Introduced. In addition, Epic Games has introduced a paid subscription for the first time. In the following section we reveal how long Season 5 will last and what players can expect next.

“Fortnight”: The start date for Season 6 is set

Update from March 16, 2021: Epic Games recently confirmed this in an official blog post: “FortnightSeason 6 of Chapter 2 begins today, Tuesday, March 16. There will be no delays this time as it happened many times last year. Servers to use Patch are now offline.

As the epic writes, the new season is a “Explosive results“I Zero point crisisFinal Get started. Players will see the completion of the work of Agent Jones, who is signing in for the first time for the new season. According to the epic, these are The most comprehensive story to dateMovie series InFortnight“.

Watch the “Zero Crisis Cinematic” movie series that marks the beginning of Season 6 Episode 2 of “Fortnight”.:

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“Fortnight”: When does season 6 begin?

Original message dated January 5, 2021: A “Fortnight” season usually lasts About ten weeks – However, there have been several delays in the past year. It’s not uncommon for epic games to hang out for a week, but Season 2 has actually been extended 17 weeks. Season 4 lasted another 14 weeks. Because of this, it is difficult to predict when the next season will begin. But this time it seems to be over ten weeks.

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The official provides a clue Epic game “Fortnight” website. There it says the current “Zero Point” battle bass Season 5 to 15. March 2021 Running. Since this date comes on a Monday, this will be an unusual starting point for Season 6. This will probably be the starting gun A few days later Fall. As such, the duration of the current season is approximately 15 weeks and again over ten weeks.

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“Fortnight” Season 6: What can players expect?

Usually Epic Games only reveals what new features it has a few days before the start of a season. So it’s too soon to say what players can expect from Chapter 2 of Season 6. Agent Jonesy’s action continues, Will unite the best hunters from other realities. We still do not know what all this will lead to. Any event that closes Season 5 will set the stage for Season 6. () K) * tz.de is part of the nationwide iPhone editorial network.

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“God of War: Ragnarok”, “Hollow: Infinite”, “For Cry 6” & Co .: Das Sind Die Game-Highlights 2021

“God of War: Ragnarok”: Although the details are not known, the game will be played shortly after the “God of War” events. However, both the thunder gods Freya and Thor want revenge on Kratos and his son Adrias. “God of War: Ragnarok” was supposed to be released in 2021, but the game is now considered a faltering candidate, and the release did not take place until 2022. © Sony / PlayStation
The end of the year should have led to the success of the new Xbox console: Master Chief Out "Hollow is infinite".
“Halo: Infinite”: The master leadership of “Halo” should have led to the successful development of the new Xbox console by the end of 2020. But the game was postponed to 2021. But the wait should be worth it for gamers: according to Microsoft, it will be the greatest adventure to save humanity to date. In addition, the plot must be very human. © 343 Industries / Microsoft
For Cry 6 Giancarlo Esposito Cover Type
“For Cry 6”: This organization is a fictional Caribbean island based in Cuba. The island is ruled by dictator “El President” Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito), who raises his son Diego (Anthony Gonzalez) as a role model to follow his rule. The player accepts the role of guerrilla fighter Danny Rojas trying to overthrow Castillo and his regime. © Ubisoft
“Hitman 3”: New Offshoot is a stealth game that is played from a third person’s point of view. Players regain control of the assassination agent 47. In the game, he travels to different locations and carries out assassinations of criminal targets around the world. Basic Games offers new locations including Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin and Chongqing. © IO Interactive
The “Hogwarts Legacy” allows PC and console gamers to freely explore the game world.
“The Hogwarts Legacy”: Soldiers take on the role of a new student at Hogwarts in the late 1800s. He chooses his Hogwarts home, attends classes and explores the open world of places such as the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hawksmead. In the game, the budding sorcerer learns to cast various spells, brew, control magical beasts and master other skills. A moral organization also plays a role in the game © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Avalanche Software
Harrison Forbidden West
“Horizon Forbidden West”: The second part follows the story of Aloy, a young hunter from the Nora tribe, who is sent in search of the appearance of a mysterious plague that kills all who infect itself. © Sony / Gorilla Game
“Slander”: In hindsight, “ridicule” means “alien” images, and artist H.R. Strongly reminiscent of Giger’s works as well. The player controls a skinless human figure similar to himself in a dark world full of strange creatures, and a living techno-organic structure made of steel, flesh and bone. © Microsoft / Ebb Software
Citizen Evil 8 Village Alter Man Shotgun Vault
Resident Evil 8 – Village: Citizen Evil 7: This game takes place a few years after the biohazard events. Speaking about the story during the revelation, Capcom’s Glenn Hane said, “Ethan’s world suddenly collapses again as Chris Redfield, an unexpected and familiar face, shows up and sets in motion a series of events. © Capcom
“Deathloop”: In Deathloop, the player slips into the role of a killer named Gold, gets stuck in a time cycle, and wakes up on a beach on Blackriff Island. Other residents of Blackriff, a former military base that once carried out bizarre experiments, invested in the island and gathered overnight, appearing to last forever as the island is resettled at the end of each night. This time was the beginning of the war party. © Bethesda
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
“Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2”: Bloodlines 2 follows a man in Seattle in the 21st century who was killed and resurrected as a “Dinflood” vampire with weak vampire abilities. It is mainly driven from a first person perspective, which shifts to a third party perspective for certain activities. Before joining one of the many vampire clans the player assigns his character to one of three divisions. © Conflict Interactive / Heartsight Labs