July 21, 2024


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The Wild West dynasty expands the dynasty

The Wild West dynasty expands the dynasty

About the Wild West Dynasty

Way to the US-West from 1800: Immigrants are advancing more and more towards the US Pacific; Business seeks a better life from thirst for ingenuity or adventure. They set up farms, raise livestock, dig for gold, and build settlements and cities.

These develop very quickly: a small gold discovery is enough to attract hundreds of brave adventurers, and a small settlement becomes a prosperous city with saloons, merchants, gambling, many adventurers and gunmen … and when the train stops in the city, there are no more limits to growth.

Enter this breathtaking exciting time and conquer the Wild West. From the simple immigrant to the mayor of the city of gold emergency: there are no limits to your personal history. Build your own farm, provide food and prosperity, and learn to defend yourself! Soon other settlers will join you in search of their wealth. Find a wife, find a father who is a hard working heir and start your tradition Wild Western Dynasty.

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