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football. Camille Guionnet: “In New Caledonia, the game is more complicated” “

Camille Guionnet wears a Heruvelle shirt.

In exile in New Caledonia for two years, Camille Jounit Don’t forget his footballing years in Calvados. 20000 km from CayenneAnd, to take the old saying “out of eyes, out of heart” on the wrong foot, he doesn’t miss a thing about the round-ball news in metropolitan Caen. Like his brothers, he rolled his bump a little: La Butte Caen at first (but did he have a choice?) Then ASPTT Caen, Mathieu, and La Butte followed up again and Douvres and Hérouville saw this footballer go down a little bohemian but oh so lovable. Nominated by his brother Baptiste, he loaned himself to the odd interview game (and question delay, 10 hours with France, is nothing…)

Football and you…

What are your first memories of football?

Championship 1he is Drive into La Butte with some of the boys who are still friends today.

What has been the best moment in your career so far?

Cancellation of PTT in La Hache with Hérouville in Coupe de France. It was just a few weeks before the worst moment of my career, and the jerk rushed into the next round against Avranch and my brothers Baptiste and Sylvester (7-0).

What is the best game you have played?

All my matches were the best (laughs).

Who is your most liked player as a competitor?

Elliot Grandin.

Is there a player you took the lead with on the pitch?

There were many (it’s a family trait) but not one in particular.

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Who is the best player you have played with?

Remy Blatter in the university team

What is the best goal you have set?

Also in a cup match against PTT. I got home 3 minutes ago and sent a 25-meter ball into the skylight. I still dream about it…

What gesture would you like to put in the match?

head target.

Which professional player do you like the most in the game?

It’s not false modesty which is sad to me but I don’t look like any pro player…even from a distance!

and physically?

Ludovic Botel, goalkeeper of Angers.

The celebration you dream about but never do?

I never thought about it, but it could be a dedication to someone.

In Normandy…

Who is the football bible?

My Father. Sorry I’m not original.

Who is the greatest simulator?

Owner Chalbazian in La Butte and in Hérouville. I shocked him and he fell groaning.

Who is the strongest?

Uriel Itari no doubt.

Who is the best in the third half?

I have beautiful specimens in the family.

Who missed his career in another sport?

Uriel Itari in cycling.

Among your teammates or ex-teammates…

Who has square feet?

Salim Batout. He didn’t have a square foot but always preferred to hit like a mule and sometimes 5 meters from the goal, the ball went into the clouds.

Who is the most technical?

Noble God. By the way, well done for getting the title of futsal player!

Who is the most grumbled?

Naguib Boslia was the most physical. Whether the opponent measured 60 meters or two meters, he did not hesitate to step into it.

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Who is the funniest?

Once again Uriel Etari, especially when he reshapes matches.

Football in New Caledonia…

What surprised you the most?

The judging is bad sometimes but it’s often folkloric and the game is, let’s say, very interactive.

a story ?

The players there are exciting, especially the Kanak, but seeing a player hitting his teammate because he was putting so many hits on opponents, it was surreal!

What is the difference with the football played in France?

It’s less tactical but more physical and the passion around the fields is more present and heavy.

You and your siblings…

Between Baptiste and Sylvester, who did the most stupid thing?

Baptist. collected them. Since becoming a father, he has calmed down a bit.

The most festive animal?

It is difficult to decide between them and the completion of the picture, the father is not far from the podium.

More dad born?

If in the sense of “son of the rich”, then nothing. If it is in the sense of “similarity”, it is Baptiste.

Which one could have made a bigger career?

By taking advantage of the qualities of each player, we had a great player. But Baptiste is more than spoiled by what Guy Rowe said.

Which one has the most problems with referees?

Baptiste has largely exceeded 100 chests during his career. And I think Sylvester has only taken one red color since he started playing football.

Baptiste Junette Question

Can’t find a club closer to Noumea? 20,000 kilometers for a fan club, that’s a lot…

The only fan I left after my Normandy career, I took her with me to New Caledonia…

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for the next interview

Who do you designate to be your next interview person?

I recommend Uriel Itari.

Do you have a question for him?

Have you hesitated for a long time between your career as a footballer and a career in cycling where you could have ended up as the best Congolese climber?