November 27, 2021


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BTS is ready to save the world with the escape game Project Voltaire!

All BTS members in France are invited to save the world by participating in a unique escape game presented by Project Voltaire!

Notice to students who are currently in BTS. If you speak French Thus, you want to save the world thanks to the Voltaire project, then you have come to the right place … MCE TV tells you more …

BTS Students Should Save the World?

A brand new game! This year, the Voltaire Foundation is offering all BTS students in France to participate in a life-size game… very fun. We tell you everything.

In fact, the enterprise offers permission The Great Escape Game for Project Voltaire. So this unusual process allows for several things. Therefore, it allows students to be aware of the importance of mastering the French language. In order to find training opportunities. and future job. But not only.

So the innovative game takes BTS students into a futuristic world. In France in 2067. So all freedom of thought and writing has vanished from the face of our planet. It is now managed by an autocratic AI. “, so select Voltaire Foundation in a press release.

Thus, only the spell will allow the students to free humanity from it This is a bondage that takes less than 90 minutes. Challenge, deliberate “BTS Revolt-AI” Great way to show your grammatical skills. But not only.

Thus, the game can be played, 100% online, from inside Institutions of higher education. You can also do this remotely from home. So you have no excuse.

If you want to participate in this game, BTS students just have to register By going to this link. So the winners will be announced The first of December. Between 12:15 and 1:45 p.m. This is accurate.

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BTS is ready to save the world with the escape game Project Voltaire!

Who will win Project Voltaire?

At the end of the online game, participants will be invited to discover the podium of the top 3 BTS de France teams participating in this life size game. know that Schools in DROM-COM can also participate. So it is open to everyone!

The Votaire Foundation sets out in a press releaseAnd “Any educational institution under a contract that offers BTS training can register BTS teams. And this is…for free.” But beware. Each team must have the maximum number of participants. It is the rule.

In fact, every team should include “Maximum 6 participants”, we define it. So we will have to organize ourselves. To register, simply go to the page dedicated to this event. so you have Until November 26. So hurry up.

As a reminder, the file So Fondation Voltaire was launched in 2019. It contributes to this social challenge and promotes equal opportunity through mastery of the French language. Its functions are in the plural form.

Thus, her work is manifold, as he thus wishes to help students drop out of school. But also people with disabilities, people who are taken to hospital french speaking countries, And under development. That’s just.

Over the years, the Voltaire project has established itself as a powerful tool for the development of expression. But also in spelling. So there are more than 7 million users. More than 7,700 facilities Partners, in France alone. Huge number.

So the Voltaire project was awarded a prize. had become “Best e-learning service” From Europe. by EFFEP. So if you are a student of BTS and want to save the world, So you know what to do…

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