August 7, 2022


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Follow all about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

If you are a fan of the Olympics, then you are definitely happy to have this event this year. Well, actually it’s about last year, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, and likewise for the European Football Championship, the sporting scene that was supposed to take place last year should now take place in 2021.

In this sense, if you want to follow everything about your favorite sports from the Olympics, we have the perfect app to install on your mobile device.

The Olympic Games are one of the biggest and most amazing sports in the world. The best and most capable athletes from the four corners of the planet participate in it in various forms. The tournament started on July 23 and will end on August 8. In contrast, the Paralympic Games begin on August 24 and run through September 5.

In Portugal we also have a large number of athletes who join the rest to bring at least one of the three medals. And of course, we all support one of our athletes taking the podium with a gold medal around their necks, conquering us all with the passion of playing the national anthem.

So, if you don't want to miss anything happening at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we have the perfect app you want on your smartphone or tablet.

App Olympiad for iOS and Android

The Olympics app is available for free for Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Through the application, the user receives the latest updates, news, the complete program, agenda and modalities for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. You can also watch various highlights and live broadcast of the modalities.

For a more personalized experience, you can choose your favorite sports and teams to receive reminders and notifications of what you're really interested in seeing.

You can even participate in the Tokyo 2020 FanZone game to test your knowledge of the tournament.

The app is then available for free for iOS and Android. Content is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean and Spanish.

If you just want to follow the Portuguese team, you can also install this application.



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