August 7, 2022


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In Lake Pont-l’Evêque, the treasure hunt gathered about twenty people

About twenty people, including thirteen children, learned about the challenges of preserving the lake’s environment while exploring its rural corners and activities.

Through the organized treasure hunt Thursday, July 22, 2021 On the banks of Lake Terre d’Aug, in ، Pont-l’Evêque (Calvados)The goal of the elected officials responsible for the site was to discover the challenges of its preservation. An educational duty imposed by obtaining the Blue Flag last May.

Feel free to follow your instincts. The creator of the treasure hunt, Yvan Deauville, an animator for the Dominican Cultural Space’s digital public space, wasn’t stingy with the advice of budding explorers Thursday. The goal of the families scattered quest: to find the whiskers of the lake cat because “a cat without a mustache is like a beautiful site without a care.”

Organized by the municipality represented by Marinette Lebon, deputy responsible for sustainable development, in cooperation with the Municipal Assembly Terre d’Auge, director of the lake via the attraction agency SPL Terre d’Auge, and EPN in the Dominican Republic a cultural space, the game brought together thirteen children accompanied by their parents.

The treasure hunt, which took place on Thursday, July 22, 2021 in Lake Pont Lavik (Calvados), witnessed seven events.
The treasure hunt, which took place on Thursday, July 22, 2021 in Lake Pont Lavik (Calvados), witnessed seven events. (© Low By Dog)

“Usually a treasure hunt; a couple of years ago it was an adventure course,” Evan tells, “it’s a treasure hunt, with teams isolated, by the family, to avoid mixing due to special health conditions.”

With seven events in total including a pedal boat event, making origami, searching for hidden objects on the site using a map and creating a badge, the activity also provided a test of understanding the challenges of blue flag naming. Participants left with bags of seeds and “organic” foods while the winning team was offered entry to a workshop at EPN Pontepiscopian.

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Understand the blue flag poster

The blue flag floats on the lake, and the blue flag of international value rewards the municipality’s environmental actions with a body of water. To raise awareness of key topics such as education, public awareness of the environment, water, natural environment management and waste management, the city of Pontepescope won last May for the eleventh time.

Obtaining a city’s Blue Flag requires five environmental awareness actions during the year. The treasure hunt was the second before the Ensemble sur la route du lac festival next September, and at the end of the year a board game was created on the theme of energies. We hope that the local situation will remain at a sufficient level of healthy buoyancy.

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