September 24, 2021


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eFootball: Teams, Free… Everything that changes in Konami’s soccer game

Konami recently revealed the new version of Pro Evolution Soccer which is now called eFootball. Here’s everything you need to know about the popular soccer game.

PES is dead, long live electronic football. After 26 releases, the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise disappeared and changed its name. This change brings more.

eFootball is free

The franchise completely decided to evolve by moving to the free version. Thus, eFootball will be available on all platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows 10 (PC), Steam (PC), iOS and Android. Note that the game will also be cross-platform.

payment methods

eFootball will never be completely free. Konami He said that some game modes will be paid for. At the moment, no information has been revealed but that should be the case very soon.

Exit date?

Generally speaking, Konami used to release their versions of PES in September. So this should be the case for the e-ball.

What are the differences present?

Obviously, that’s the other big question: What licenses will be available in this release? At least 9 clubs have been confirmed: Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal or even Roma and Lazio.

How will the updates be done?

eFootball will be updated regularly with new content. New transfers will be updated and “in-game campaigns” will be part of the game.

Why these changes?

Obviously, Konami explained this change. “Our ambition was to re-create an ideal football environment, from the grass to the movements of the players, to the stadium audience,” the statement read. For this, we decided to create a new soccer engine, with the aim of rethinking the game’s animation system and controls. The end result was more impressive than we could have imagined. We have gone beyond the limits of PES to reach a new world of virtual football. To celebrate this new era, we have decided to withdraw our popular PES brand name and rename it “eFootball”

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