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Fall Guys Season 6: The amazing party is waiting for you at the end of November

The new sixth season of Fall Guys is coming. The big party continues! Source: Epic Games, Mediatonic

Mediatonic announced the new season release date today during a broadcast event Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the Battle Royale party game will begin with the start of Season 6: The Great Party Its latest addition. In addition, many other details about new rounds, outfits, and rewards have been shared.

in a Fall Guys Season 6 Dive and bean race on PC and PlayStation through new rounds filled with a wide range of new obstacles to test players’ stumbling skills. Season includes:

  • 5 new rounds
  • 25 new fashions
  • 50 levels of prestige with rewards
  • Sackboy event for a limited time

Once the new season begins, an Epic Games account will be required to play Fall Guys, which brings new features to the game: cross-platform game progression between PS4 and Steam and the return of self-selected usernames.

Fall Guys Season 6 (Trailer):

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New rounds in season 6

Party Promenade: The party begins in the wildest challenge ever, full of new obstacles. In this festival of follies, beans travel through vacuum tubes to race, dodge water balloon cannons and swing for victory on acrobatic seesaw poles.

at full capacity: A diabolical new version of the classic Fall Guys – with a stunning new 360-degree swing in a treacherous race towards the goal. Grains have to pay attention to force fields and rapidly rotating bars that you want to eliminate from the track.

hard dreamTubular race to the finish line. Each trip to the Pipe Dream brings with it a new challenge, because each vacuum tube can be a tripping hazard. Including pinball machines, fans, dangerous pivoting platforms and some other obstacles.

broadcast time: Here you have to prove your skills in order to stay in the air as long as possible. Swing helps on trapezoids as well as transmission belts and swivel platforms. Otherwise, drums and pinball machines are ready to help the falling grain rise again.

driving light: Who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight at the biggest game show in the universe? But it’s not that easy when you’re stumbling across turntables and fans. To get the center of attention, grains must use force fields to stand out from the competition.

Fall Guys Season 6 clips

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