November 27, 2021


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Does the squid game really exist?

squid game It is undoubtedly a year-end phenomenon on Netflix. The Korean series broke the record for the number of views of the broadcasting platform. But Internet users ask a lot of questions about this series.

Created by Hwang Dong-hyeok, squid game It brings together 456 players who compete in a series of deadly games for children. Often compared to hunger GamesPlayers are willing to do anything to win the final $45.6 billion while risking their lives. With 111 million views in just 27 days, the series holds the record for best debut Netflix. But subscribers are wondering about the squid game.. does it really exist and what are the rules of the game?

popular game

As creator Hwang Dong-hyeok confirmed, the Squid game actually exists: “sWhat a game It’s a game you played when you were a kid in the school yard or on the streets of the neighborhoodA popular game in the 70s and 80s, the principle is simple: two teams are formed, the defenders and the attackers team. About drawing a squid on the ground, the attacking team can only walk long distances. The defensive team can use both legs. To win, the attackers must touch the head of the squid , in turn, the defenders must push the opposing team out of the field. If the attacker is taken out of the area, he is eliminated. Inspired by these games, some fans of the series are trying to reproduce it on the ground.

From fantasy to reality

In the face of the series’ success, Netflix attempted to recreate the series’ world in the Koreatown area of ​​California. For a whole day, lovers squid game It can discover giant doll and masked characters such as those in the series. On this occasion, participants can play several games. Well, the losers obviously didn’t lose their lives. An experience similar to the one organized by the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates. The event brought together thirty people who are willing to play some games in this series such as Red Light, Green Light, Marble Game, Ddakji and Dalgona candy Challenge. In Paris, Netflix has opened the doors of a pop-up store dedicated to squid gameWeekend time.

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