June 14, 2024


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Facing the 2020 Apple M1, Qualcomm's next PC processor will not go far

Facing the 2020 Apple M1, Qualcomm’s next PC processor will not go far

The first benchmark of the next Qualcomm PC SoC has been released on the web. It shows good progress, but it is still a long way from Apple.

It goes without saying that the introduction of the Apple M1 range is causing a stir in the PC world. It shows that in one year, Apple will be able to make a real transformation of an operating system and provide the AMD / Intel couple with a suitable replacement with its own Apple silicon chips. Apple’s latest financial results show that this is a success The brand doubled its PC sales in the first quarter.

So the Windows ecosystem should be up and running soon, and it includes the new generation of fast Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. Then Rather disappointing General2, Expect something more interesting Snapdragon 8 CX General3.

Strong increase in performance

Good thing, the first criterion has been published on the web. These are very early results since a machine designed by Qualcomm to prove the chip was tested on Qualcomm reference design. It also probably means a role model. So expect better performance In the final version.

This result, achieved with the Geekbench 5.4, shows an 8-core Qualcomm chip at 2.69 GHz. This allows the tested Snapdragon to achieve 982 points on the single core test and 4918 points on the multi core test. Compared to the Surface Pro X’s Microsoft SQ2, which is a simple derivative version of the Snapdragon 8CX General 2, we find that Qualcomm offers a better performance improvement. In these two tests the older generation scored 793 and 3070 points, respectively.

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Unfortunately, the Apple M1 has not yet reached a definitive score with 1682 points and 7201 points measured on the MacBook Air M1 in late 2020.

But not enough

In other words, the high-end chip currently being developed at Qualcomm will not be able to catch the Apple M1 chip introduced by the Apple brand in 2020. That’s bad news for Qualcomm The Apple M2 will already begin mass production For 2021 products.

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