November 30, 2021


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Expresso Platform: Big Games | Ruben Amorim: “Jovani’s injury is the saddest thing of the match”

Was there more merit from Varzim or less in Sporting?

“Varzim had a lot of advantages. Of course, we can be better in many situations, not splitting the game too much or getting into conflicts too much, especially in the first part, which was something that was only in Varzim’s favour. Of course it wasn’t a very successful match from Our side. As for the need to put players in, it was like facing Pacos de Ferreira, we put Tabata in the game and we solved it. They are there for that, we have a short squad and everyone in the bank should help”

What could have been done to solve the game sooner?

We could have controlled the transitions better. We moved a lot in defense and that’s been noticed, it’s tough for them. Feddal first played in the middle and this took some of the routine away from the team, but in the second part Varzim had no chance, having had some matches in the first part. The cup matches are complicated, Varzim organized himself well, with a smart coach and a motivated team, he knew how to approach the game in a way that favored them and we didn’t. In this aspect, Varzim was better than us”

Will the players feel the wear and tear against Dortmund?

“No, we have five days, which has been very good for us. This stimulation for games is even good. We will still have a break during this time.”

jovan injury

“It’s the most worrying thing about the game. It’s the great sadness of the game. There are more or less successful matches, but Jovane is a player who has been through a lot, he is very important in our team and that is the main concern of this game. Serious injury? I don’t know, you never know. We thought Boru was serious and didn’t last a single trip. Let’s hope for the best, knowing that, whatever happens, we are here for Jovan and he will recover and come back and be very important to us”

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