December 6, 2021


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Jorge Silva: “I had to feel the matches on the bench without being able to do anything” – P Ferreira

Pacos de Ferreira side remembers a serious injury

Jorge Silva has dealt with a serious injury that has left him out of action for almost an entire season. In an interview with the Future Team, Paços de Ferreira admitted that they went through a very complicated phase.

“It’s always difficult not being able to do what you want for a long time. I would go to the field to train, and it was hard to see my teammates training while I was outside. I had to feel the games from the bench without being able to do anything. The worst in recovery.Then the body gets smaller, asking for muscle, but the week ends and you see he’s gained muscle mass, and that was a catalyst for improvement the next week.He grew a lot psychologically.The 25-year-old, also known for his long throws, said: “I’ve had this characteristic since I was little. When I got older, I saw it was quality and I started working a lot on that aspect in the gym.”

Jorge Silva still sees himself in João Cancelo as the main reference in football, even though his childhood star is Daniel Alves.

By Jose Santos

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