June 14, 2024


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Economist Van Ark: “Not everyone realizes that increasing productivity…

Economist Van Ark: “Not everyone realizes that increasing productivity…

Why did digitization not achieve the expected increase in productivity? Why is it important for society to become more productive? A conversation with economist and productivity expert Bart van Ark.

Journalism: Digitalization is transforming almost all areas of professional life. But it hasn't made us significantly more productive yet. Why?

Bart van Ark: Nobel laureate Robert Solow said in the 1980s: We see computers everywhere, except in statistics. After a few years, the productivity gains resulting from the new technology became clear. The productivity paradox is not new. There are several reasons why new technologies often appear in statistics with a time delay. Economists must first find ways to measure technologies. In addition, new technologies alone are not enough to increase productivity sustainably. Employees must be able to use technology, organizational structures must be adapted, etc.

Perhaps enhancing digital productivity was also missing because digital transformation often produced consumer products?

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