June 13, 2024


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Drones display giant QR codes in the sky for people to download games

China is a country where there are many unusual and funny situations related to the world of technology. The situation we are talking about today is a clear example of this.

In the Shanghai area, the videogame maker has come up with something really innovative. Placing drones emits huge QR codes in the sky, so people can point their devices and download a video game.

Drones display huge QR codes for downloading video games

Drones will revolutionize many sectors, from mobility, photography, video, delivery and many more. But these tools also allow you to give your imagination, almost literally, wings to implement various interesting projects and ideas.

In this sense, the company responsible for creating the game "Princess Connect Re: diving', To celebrate the title's birthday in a very special way. Recently the creator Foot In Shanghai, a huge drone show. For this purpose, a total of 1,500 unmanned aircraft were used, which flew over the Chinese city at midnight.

In the sky, the drones performed several choreographies with reference to the video game. The game's characters, letters, and the title logo were created and displayed, among others.

But the parties were left at the end of the show. Drones coordinate a giant QR code in the sky so that people can capture it with their smartphones. In this way, the icon has become a dedicated link that allows viewers to download the game to their phones, as well as access more information about it.

watching video:

This idea was well thought out, since China is one of the countries where QR codes are used.

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Also last year, the company created something like this at the time the game was released. This time, however, a QR code was drawn on a building, without further detail, to get people to pick it up and directly access the app store.