May 27, 2024


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“Don’t Forget Words” game is still not programmed because of tennis


The “Don’t Forget the Words” game is still not scheduled for Monday evening, June 7, 2021 due to tennis. “Plus belle la vie” fans usually express their anger as soon as the Roland Garros tournament kicks off. It has to be said that France 3’s daily series has often been the first victim of the famous clay game and has been reprogrammed many times in recent years.

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Yes, but this time it is the turn of the NOPLP followers to express their dissatisfaction…

Don’t Forget the Lyrics game has been deprogrammed for the second time!

For the second time in a row, the Nagui game has been canceled due to Roland Garros. That was already the case on Saturday night, but this reprogramming was pre-planned even if it wasn’t frequented by our cherished TV shows.

And if fans are rather understanding over the weekend, it’s hard to pass this evening.


Unbearable!!! I’m tired of seeing our shows deleted!
There are other channels where sports can be broadcast rather than displease us with…” Camille rebelled.

“Broadcast sports on sports channels and leave our programming to us,” Kristen added.

“Let’s sing,” Nina shouted.

The production promised that the two shows would air tonight, Monday, June 7, 2021, tomorrow night.

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All that remains is to believe it.. and be patient. Until then, look for “Don’t forget the lyrics” in the replay France.TV.

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