June 13, 2024


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Amazon Wields the Marvelous Hammer: Shock in the New World and the Lost Astronomy Society

Amazon Wields the Marvelous Hammer: Shock in the New World and the Lost Astronomy Society

With the switch to Discord, Amazon Games follows a trend that’s also happening with other publishers and games and ends the era of classic forums. In the future, the community will only meet on social media channels such as YouTube, Twitch, Reddit or Discord. According to Amazon, “live audio, gameplay streaming, live chat, and forum posts” will support gamers there in the future, and “there will be simpler, easier-to-understand access to community initiatives such as group research and company promotion.”

In the future, communication on Discord will be mainly in English. Protest in country-specific forums new world And Missing coffin Among the players who prefer to write their posts, questions and problems in their native language, they are loud and violent. Above all, the lack of clarity about the dispute is criticized. Until now, many players see Discord not as a reasonable replacement for forums, but rather as a complement to other communication channels.

The game’s forums continue to disappear with the official New World and Lost Ark forums closed. No matter where you look, in addition to Amazon, many other developers and publishers like Ubisoft or Bethesda are shutting down their forums and switching to Discord and Co. The logic is the same for everyone: change the time and effort. Many players take a critical view of the current development. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for gamers to get a quick and easy solution if there is an underlying issue with their account or game.

The trend among game publishers is clear: first, costly and time-consuming phone support, and then even the e-mail ticketing system for many games, have been scrapped. Now is the time to tackle the radical shift to Discord, Reddit, and Co.

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