May 20, 2024


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Disassembled Google Pixel 7a video released – Official image of the Pixel tablet – iPhone Wired

Disassembled Google Pixel 7a video released – Official image of the Pixel tablet – iPhone Wired

Disassemble pixel 7a_16_1200

It is expected to be announced on May 10, 2023 local time,Google Pixel 7aA teardown video has been released.

once again,Google Pixel deviceOfficial images and new colors have been added to the Google Pixel Buds A-SeriesIt also became clear.

Google Pixel 7a teardown

PBK Reviews, Advance AnnouncementGoogle Pixel 7aThe disassembly video was posted to YouTube.

decomposition begins

First, remove the back panel of your Google Pixel 7a.


The back panel appears to be made of a soft material, and you can see how it bends easily in the video.

inside after removing the back panel

When the back panel is removed, you can see the wireless charging coil in the center and the rear camera on the right side.

Inside the coil for wireless charging

A heat-dissipating graphite sheet is attached inside the coil for wireless charging.

Battery capacity notation (front side)

On the front side of the battery (back panel side), the capacity is 4,385 mAh / 16.88 Wh.

Battery capacity notation (back side)

However, the capacity notation on the back side of the battery is 4,344mAh / 16.8Wh, which is different from the front side.

The back of the show

The fingerprint authentication sensor (the square black part on the left side of the center) is located on the back of the screen, and there is a hole for the front camera in the middle of the upper part of the screen (on the right side).

Main board and back camera part 1

The main board is equipped with a copper heat sink.

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Main board and back camera part 2

The rear camera at the top right of the image is a 64-million-pixel wide-angle camera on the top side.

Main board and front camera Part 1

A copper heat sink is also attached to the front camera side of the main board.

Main board and front camera part 2

The image in the middle is an enlarged image of the wafer surface with the heat sink removed.

New color images of the Google Pixel Tablet and Buds A-Series

Leaked by Evan BlassGoogle Pixel deviceThe official photo was posted on Twitter.

Like the iPad (10th generation), the Google Pixel Tablet’s front camera is held at the top when the main unit is turned sideways.

WinFuture has released an image of the new color “Sky Blue” added to the Google Pixel Buds A-Series.

The Google Pixel 7a is expected to have a variant of the main body color “Sky Blue”, so it seems to be compatible with this new color.

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