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Disappearance: New technology should make things disappear


Disappearance: New technology should make things disappear

Until now it was not possible to decipher the secret of invisibility. Now researchers are taking a new approach.

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Konstantin Kruger

19.04.2021 – 18:09

Disappearance always seems like something out of a science fiction novel at first, but scientists have actually been researching the phenomenon for a long time.

How cool would it be if you became invisible? This seemed like a foolish futuristic theory at first, but researchers now want to discover a possibility like this Invisibility It could become a reality one day.

Stealth: a matter of illumination

So that one day we can decipher the secret of invisibility, scientists from Utrecht University and the Technical University in Vienna have been studying light waves. You can only see all the things that you see because it reflects and reflects the light. When this light reaches your eyes, you can see the object without any problem.

The research team believes they have discovered a way to allow light waves to shine directly through an object, making it nearly invisible to the human eye. Your search results Published She is in Nature Photonics (Paywall).

Technology is (still) reaching its limits

What sets this approach apart is that previous research on invisibility has always attempted to scatter or disperse light around an object. The new research operates with a straightforward, straightforward approach that comes much closer to true disappearance than anything previously explored.

Unfortunately, there is also bad news: According to the researchers, our technology is not yet ready to make invisibility widely available. However, they see great potential for both medical and biological use. mentioned British newspaper, “The Independent”. Special light waves are particularly suitable for looking at materials and objects such as biological cells.

Other scholars are also working tirelessly to unravel the secret of the disappearance. The Pentagon in particular is involved in some pretty bizarre research projects.

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