November 30, 2021


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Did La Française des Jeux christen the scratch game “Lucky Pass” in reference to the health card?

The idea of ​​the health passport, which is still unknown in France before it was implemented a few months ago, is it invading areas other than the health one?

According to the tobacco seller, this would already be the case in an unexpected field: the field of scratch toys. At least if we are to believe his rant was posted in a video, widely viewed and shared on social networks – often on accounts known to oppose a health card or a Covid-19 vaccine.

If it’s a legend original tweet Wanting to be brief (“La Française des Jeux creates a game on the aisle. Vincent, a cigarette seller, expresses his anger”), the testimony of the so-called Vincent shows on the contrary to be particularly detailed.

“La Française des Jeux (FDJ) released a new scratch game about three weeks ago. This game is called Lucky Pass, with a slogan I find very sloppy: “The pass that can push.” I was a little offended with them, and I was told “But no The Games were created a year ago, and so they have been planned for a very long time,” he explains in the preamble.

He then continues: “Except I had the launch pad in December 2020 and this game was called ‘Express.’ So Française des Jeux went through the health card to release a game by saying ‘My pass, at least, can bring in money at that time.’ [que l’autre pass] restricting liberties […] I called for a boycott […] And the response from La Française des Jeux was very fast, I received an official notification asking me to withdraw all my private communications on the networks […] And he threatens to withdraw my FDJ approval. I refused both. “

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From fake

In October 2021, La Française des Jeux launched a new scratch game called “Lucky Pass”. This comes in the form bank card And it allows you to win up to 20,000 euros, as evidenced by its motto: “The Card That Can Pay Off”.

join 20 minutes“For each of the new scratch games,” the FDJ explains, “the creative work begins about a year and a half before marketing.” With regard to the scratch game “Lucky Pass” […]It debuted in the spring of 2020. As usual, the name of the game has been the subject of back and forth domestic flights ever since, with the goal of making it fit into the world of fortune. “

A one-time game called “Money Pass”

Decision of the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) on September 16, It can be searched online, clarifies that the request for approval of the “Lucky Pass” rules was drafted by the FDJ in July 2021.

The game has various business names from October 2020, including the one mentioned, “Express,” but also, for example, “Money Pass,” FDJ continues, explaining that “the idea of ​​the term “pass” refers to the cards and means of communication found in The daily life of the French (credit card, transport card, culture card, etc.)” and that “scratch game” [« Lucky Pass »]Its name and business contacts […] Of course they have absolutely no intention of being associated with current health issues. “

Reminder letter and measures taken against the tobacco seller

On his Twitter and Facebook profile, Vincent – who had not responded to our requests prior to the article being published – shared his good side, in early October, A call to boycott This new game for FDJ, while sharing an image of an ad stuck on the promotional poster for “Lucky Pass”, in its tobacco shop, to inform customers that “this game of shame” will no longer be “marketed”.

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La Française des Jeux acknowledges that it has taken “measures against this retailer for failing to comply with the contractual rules set forth in the FDJ Consent Contract. […] After an observation visit to the point of sale by F.D., she pointed out various shortcomings”, but asserts that they “have nothing to do with the point of view” of the tobacco seller in Lucky Pass.

The FDJ also asked him, in a “Letter of Reminder of the Order” and “in accordance with the Contract of Consent,” to remove his sticker about the “Lucky Pass” found on FDJ furniture at the point of sale. In addition to a tweet about it.

For its part, the Tobacco Sellers Association points out 20 minutes It has “set very little, if not none” returns on the “Lucky Pass” within its network.