April 17, 2024


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Delete Google reviews

Delete Google reviews

Online reviews are one of the most important factors in customers' purchasing decisions. The number of points or stars awarded has become the unofficial currency for the quality, popularity or reliability of products and services. In this article we explain the role Google plays in this and how you can delete negative ratings and reviews.

Under what circumstances can Google reviews be deleted?

You can delete a Google review if it violates Google policies or applicable law. You don't have to put up with inappropriate comments.

  • Violation of applicable law

If a Google review contains criminal data, it can be deleted. Expressing an opinion that violates personal rights is particularly punishable.

Reviews proven to be based on false facts are not protected by freedom of expression. Such reviews are illegal and can also be deleted.

  • Violating Google policies

Google has it Guidelines It is set up to protect platform users from objectionable content and legal violations in reviews. The content of these reviews was considered unacceptable.

  • 1 star rating without text

If a reviewer does not share their experience, the review is invalid. Google only allows actual experiences that relate to a place or business. It is also not permissible to use the bad experiences of others as a basis for evaluation.

How to delete Google reviews?

Unauthorized deactivation or deletion of an unjustified negative Google review from a third party cannot be deactivated or deleted. There are three types available to you:

  • You can find the review and report it as inappropriate via Google My Business or Google Maps.
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Report the comment as “inappropriate” using the three dot menu or flag and explain why you want it removed.

  • You can fill out a violation form and submit it to Google.

You can enter your details and describe your concerns using the official Google Form.

  • You can Ghostlaw I ask you to delete it.

How long does it take to delete Google reviews?

Google usually needs two to four weeks to review your application. The delay is caused by the large number of deletion requests. It can be seen that the processing time often depends greatly on the seriousness or obviousness of the violation. In obvious cases, such as hate speech or sexually explicit content, Google will usually remove the review quickly.

What are the advantages of employment? Ghostlaw?

Supported by Ghostlaw Protect your photo quickly and effectively.

  • We evaluate the Google review you are complaining about and inform you of the chances of success. Free. Only then do you decide whether to commission us or not.
  • We have confirmed that your deletion claim against Google has been successfully asserted.
  • We provide legally secure evidence proving that the review violates the law or guidelines.
  • We confirm your deletion request to Google and thus increase the chances of successful deletion.
  • We will enforce your claim in court and seek compensation if Google does not respond.

Who bears the costs of deleting a Google review?

If your deletion request is successful, you do not have to bear the costs yourself:

If your company has statutory protection insurance, the insurance company can reimburse the costs. Availability of coverage depends on your insurance plan and any deductible amount. Ghostlaw You will be provided with a free coverage application to your insurance company.

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If the author of an unwarranted review is known by name, a claim can be filed for damages to his or her reputation. If the author is not known, Google may be asked to reveal the name. Legal fees are part of the compensation.

If Google does not respond to the deletion request and legal action is taken, the costs will depend on the outcome of the proceedings. If the ruling requires the review to be deleted, Google must reimburse the procedural costs incurred, i.e. court fees and legal fees.