February 24, 2024


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delay?  “Pixel 4a / 4a (5G) / 5 / 5a (5G) / 6/6 Pro / 6a / 7/7 Pro” Updated January 2023 – Jetstream BLOG

delay? “Pixel 4a / 4a (5G) / 5 / 5a (5G) / 6/6 Pro / 6a / 7/7 Pro” Updated January 2023 – Jetstream BLOG

  • “Pixel 4a”, “Pixel 4a (5G)”, “Pixel 5”, “Pixel 5a (5G)”, “Pixel 6”, “Pixel 6 Pro”, “Pixel 6a”, “Pixel 7”, “Pixel 7” Available on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Monthly software update announced January 2023 for Pixel 7 Pro
  • may be delayed
  • It hasn’t been delivered to my SIM-free domestic version “Pixel 7 Pro” (yet, no official announcement from Google)

On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Google announced the Google Pixel smartphones “Pixel 4a”, “Pixel 4a (5G)”, “Pixel 5”, “Pixel 5a (5G)”, “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 Pro”. Pixel 6a includes monthly security updates for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 ProMonthly software update announced in January 2023an act.

However, the January 2023 software update for Google Pixel phones may be delayed. In fact, as of January 12, 2023 (Thursday), it has not yet been delivered to the SIM-free domestic version “Pixel 7 Pro”.

Information about the January 2023 software update delay for Google Pixel smartphones is known from content posted on the main “Google Fi” forum on the third-party bulletin board, and is not an official announcement from Google. However, the post itself is a post from a user claiming to be an engineer who belongs to the ‘Google Fi’ support team.[التحديثات المؤجلة]so the credibility is as high as it gets.

A Google Fi engineer said they are currently investigating the underlying issue with the software update and will track it down and fix it as soon as possible. There is no specific mention of when distribution will resume.

Hey Fi community, I’ve been a member of the support team for 3 days already ** If you’re in November or December, please comment below so I can show you support **

Currently working on folks if your update is delayed

Last update so far: I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. The engineering team is still trying to find the root cause of the system update delay.

Rest assured, our engineering team is doing everything they can to fix this as soon as possible. We will contact you via email, as soon as we get an update from them.

By the way, Google also announced the suspension and delay of last year’s “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 Pro” after announcing the delivery of software updates.previous convictionsthere. So, for Google Pixel smartphone users, delays in software update delivery are somewhat familiar. However, if it is indeed delayed, I would like you to make an official announcement as soon as possible.

Is your Google Pixel receiving the January 2023 software update? If you haven’t already, pleaseSuspensionPlease let us know at