March 2, 2024


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Confinement increased the number of players and profits from selling games

How did the esports world live in the shadow of this pandemic nearly a year ago?

The esports industry, like the rest of the world, is living in wait for the end of the epidemic and a return to normality. All head-to-head events have been canceled or postponed to this year. Although the adaptation to reality without physical events occurred naturally, with the 100% competitive scenario contested online, the downturn in the investment of brands, which hold a significant weight in the sustainability of the industry, was a blow to the contests and teams events.

What are the implications of a community “shutdown” of the industry? How about the difference? And in the case of players, did you know that there are teams with athletes who weren’t always in Portugal?

If it is true that the esports industry was born, grew and lives its essence in the virtual realm, then it is the events and milestones in which the whole show takes shape. For teams and players, playing tournaments online is the same as having football without an audience, without direct contact with fans. It is impossible to recreate the social experience of a live event. On the one hand, especially in Portugal, the cancellation of events has caused financial difficulties for the clubs, which in these events have another source of income through the various activations that they carry out in a great way. the games. Players had to adapt to a reality without events. However, this adaptation occurred naturally, since the virtual environment is, as a rule, the esports professional’s workspace.

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What are they affected by the most? In care? In tournaments? Did the competitions not stop? How did they adapt? Has there been a drop in contests or is it online?

No doubt about care. In cases where there was no slowdown in investment, there was a dead end, given the great uncertainty in the global socio-economic environment resulting from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the tournaments, even though they were held online, not only have they continued but have kept the same cash prizes. And those that didn’t stay experienced lows of residual