June 8, 2023


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Now original Sony console covers on Amazon

White and crisp, that’s what the PlayStation 5 should look like, and that’s what manufacturer Sony had in mind. But quite a few fans were disappointed with the sober color scheme and wished for more action. The longing for color customization for the PS5 falls on deaf ears at Sony. So far, because there are official protection panels and covers for the PS5, or as Sony calls them good German console covers.

PS5 Interface: Colorful side panels to cover PlayStation 5

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get a PlayStation 5, you can be happy. Anyone else can buy one of their coveted PS5 here and dig deep into their pocket. Gamers galore, albeit less in-depth, who want one of the official faceplates from Sony, which the PS5 manufacturer has been in its lineup since January, will also have to dig into their pockets. But this one costs €59.99 and is available (so far) only in two colours, midnight black and cosmic red. But the player struggling with the money can breathe a sigh of relief, because there are also (unofficial) alternatives, some of which are much cheaper. We have picked the best deals on Amazon.

Shop original Sony protective boards on Amazon now

Finally they are available on Amazon: Made by Sony, the official PS5 console covers are now available online. So now you can choose between design in “midnight blackness” or “Cosmic Red” Plus the standard or digital edition and with a little luck you can save a little!

Buy Black, Blue, and Red PlayStation 5 Protection Pads from Other Retailers on Amazon

Of course, as a gamer, you don’t want to get too colorful, but you can’t agree that a little color is a good thing. If you want to stand out from the block that is currently controllable for PS5 owners, a colorful interface pad can be the first step in the right direction. Black is the right color, mainly because it’s reminiscent of previous PlayStations, and thus brings the nostalgia factor into the living room. Here you can buy the PS5 interface in black.

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If you’re more brave, you can also go for PS5 covers in blue or red. By panting in this way, the kosole becomes absolutely eye-catching in every apartment, if it was not the case anyway. Of course, there are also colorful PS5 consoles available to match the color consoles, which take your gaming adventure to new colorful dimensions. Here you can buy colorful PS5 cover plates.

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