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Confessions of a Confessor Felix Kroll: Always Well Made, Not Always Well Dressed |  BR KulturBühne

Confessions of a Confessor Felix Kroll: Always Well Made, Not Always Well Dressed | BR KulturBühne

Felix Kroll, the amazing philanthropist, polite, elegant. Medieval and Late Medieval Dream by Thomas Mann. Felix would do well with women and also in the hotel business. We will leave him like Marquis. But first he has to desert the army. What helps: Father Kroll put a bullet in his head when a sparkling winery went bankrupt. Felix skillfully uses the information during the inspection.

“It seems to me that you are losing yourself in the imagination. But is this wonderful field a completely foreign field to you?”

Excerpts from Felix Kroll

The director of “Herr Lehmann”, “Die Vermessung der Welt” and “Bibi und Tina”, to name a few of Buck’s hits, began filming a hilarious novel, but it never ended. Would the writer and director really like each other? A friend of squiggly lines and a friend of long sentences? Bestselling author Daniel Kellman, who was also responsible for the script, acts as a moderator. It would have gone well between Kilman and MannBuck recently told SZ-Magazin that he vetoed himself. Above all, Buck and Kehlman explained the incompleteness of the story which, according to Mann’s layout, should have had different chapters.

Confessions of a fraudster Felix Kroll |  Photo: Warner Bros.

Lisa Fries playing the role of Sasa

The film focuses on the great love between the girl Sasa and the son of a bankrupt. Lisa’s Lisa Fries is an amazingly lively Sasa who has just enough pragmatism for her counterpart. Jannis Niewöhner gives Rhinelander Kroll a bit of Berlin style and speaks long sentences convincingly as a boy raising: always neat, not always well-dressed. And he does almost everything in the film an adaptation out of love and philanthropy. Even the recently angry waiter at the hotel, Stanko, is finally punished. Morally speaking, Felix of the novel was a much darker mixture:

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“I’m supposed to be the one who carries your name on the outside, and represents you in people’s eyes? Your parents’ brilliant son. You yourself. Have you ever thought about that?”

Excerpts from Felix Kroll

But that’s nice too. Felix Kroll now as a completely cohesive and complete love story. Familiar faces as guests at the Grand Hotel: Maria Furtwängler, Martin Wuttke, Dominique Horwitz, Joachim Król. All of them in the stylish new version of an old novel.

CONFESSIONS OF THE STACKER FELIX KRULL - Ad #1 German German (2021) |  Photo: Warner Bros.  DE (via YouTube)


Why today again Felix Kroll, who does not want to get used to poverty? But only for yourself. Who sees solidarity in a politically impolite form. A lone fighter, fortune soldier, quick-change artist, con artist. Because there are so many soulmates from Krull in the audience? Is that what the writing team is telling us? Most likely. Anyway, she says it in a very amusing way. You will also get a rough idea of ​​the novel.