February 2, 2023


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College with a plate: No technology teacher, 6th grade parents are angry

On Thursday, September 30th, some parents gathered in front of Jean-Louis Hamon College to demand the appointment of a sixth-grade technology professor. (© La Presse d’Armor)

a professor misses an invite Back to school 2021 at Jean-Louis Hamon Public College in with a plate : that technology for sixth year students (1 NS 30 lessons per week for each of the four seasons). It has not yet been named.


Despite the questioning of the directorate and the steps taken by the director of the institution, the situation does not change.

Either we consider that technology is not important, in which case National Education suspends courses in college. Either, we consider it no less important than the other subjects and in this case, we assign a teacher at the beginning of the school year. But the current situation is unacceptable.

Gregory Bansin Co-chair of the Peloha Parents’ Union (FCPE) and father of a sixth-year student.

“Another Teacher Solidarity”

He and some parents expressed their displeasure on Thursday 30 September before the college gates resolutely intend to mobilize on a larger scale by contacting local elected officials by mail.

The more the situation destabilizes the entire technological education in 300 college students.

Out of solidarity, a teacher working in fifth, fourth, and third grades gives sixth-year students time to make up for the shortfall, but this suddenly affects his classes.

Pupils’ parents also indicate that a Professor of Earth and Life Sciences (SVT) is not appointed during the first fifteen days of September and that a Breton Professor of History and Geography is appointed for Year 5 pupils. Stream. We do not understand this absence. The university administration, especially after a year of infection with the Covid virus, must be ready to start the school year and have an accurate view of the number of students. “

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