October 24, 2021


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With JES3plus V1R1, Phoenix Software introduces the first further development of JES3 technology in six years

Phoenix Software released updates to its product line in September 2021

EL SEGUNDO, CA, Sep 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Phoenix Software International, Inc. Today about the overall availability of JES3Plus V1R1 announced, a modified product running on z/OS JES3 is based on IBM. This release includes SPOOL I/O performance improvements designed for JES3Plus– Customers have already been provided with ongoing provisioning in the past few months. It’s the first release of JES3 technology since early 2015 that includes improvements, and it coincides with z/OS 2.5, the last version of z/OS that includes JES3. Companies that want to continue using this technology and move to JES3Plus Change, you can now benefit from an improved product with a roadmap for future development.

JES3Plus V1R1

JES3Plus V1R1 supports two new ways to program channels to improve performance:

  • ACKD – ​​Channel programs with an abbreviated prefix that can process an entire path and not just one data set at a time. This improvement takes advantage of MIDAW support.
  • zHPF – Channel programs that use z/(FCX) Architectural Fiber Channel Extensions to transmit the entire channel program to the device for processing, rather than sending CCWs as they occur.

JES3 Customer Advisory Council Plus Phoenix Software is actively involved in prioritizing a product improvement roadmap so that customers can expect incremental incremental improvements in 2022.

“We learned early on that the improvement in JES3Plus Using the latest I/O technology will be a priority, said Ed Jaffe, chief technology officer of Phoenix Software International. “Waiting for a mission-critical global rework of JES3 can feel like forever and you’re stressed the whole time. zHPF has reduced waiting time in our region by more than 80%, and our customers have received similar benefits. Much credit for the smooth delivery of this new and improved version of JES3Plus We deserve our ISV partners and early testers, whose dedicated participation and incredible patience contributed to this successful launch.”

(e) JES V6R1

(E) JES V6R1, the latest version of the advanced JESplex management tool from Phoenix Software, includes improvements to manage MVS subsystems. It is ideal for using memory in address space and searching important system strings.

Phoenix Software Product Releases: September 2021

Phoenix Software updated their product line this month. Product downloads are available to customers via the Phoenix Software international support portal. visit https://phoenixsoftware.com/support.htmdownloads. New product releases include:

  • (E) UES V6R1
  • condor z / OS 26.0 z / VSE 32.0
  • CYGNET z / OS 26.0 z / VSE 32.0
  • entry point 16.2
  • Falcon z / OS 26.0 z / VSE 32.0
  • Falcon 64 11.1
  • Imagine entering 4.73
  • JES3Plus V1R1
  • key / 101 9.1
  • PHX additives/phx-guest 7.3
  • PHX-KeyPlus 5.3
  • PHX-ODE 7.3
  • Viking Data Entry (VDE) 4.73

About Phoenix Software International

Phoenix Software International, Inc.) is a systems software development company that provides advanced software applications to businesses around the world. The company offers a wide range of solutions to modern business challenges.

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