June 13, 2024


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Clubhouse Android novidades números

Clubhouse on Android is growing and features are coming

After being limited to iOS for several months, Clubhouse came to Android, and uniquely I took it by storm. Each passing week has many more users, which foretells the same success as before.

While it’s still a long way from iOS numbers, it still hits milestones and beats new numbers. So, now that they have revealed, Clubhouse on Android continues to grow, and there are new features.

An important arrival in the Android universe

The entry of the clubhouse on the Internet was carried out very carefully. The choice fell on iOS, where limited access was added through the Invitations program, to grow as a phase and restricted form.

Several months later came the expected decision to access Android, where they also appeared to be scary step by step. The idea was to maintain the same improvement and guarantee new users a phase and a controlled process. The most recent data show that they are achieving this.

Impressive growth numbers

A recent post on the Clubhouse Twitter account showed the latest data from the Android version. 1 week later Success The goal of one million users, they were able to double that value and achieve the ideal goal of 2 million users.

With this value there are new goals for the Android version of Clubhouse. The idea for the next versions is to bring the features closer between the 2 existing versions and ensure greater similarity for the users.

Lots of news on the way to the clubhouse

In the absence of a scheduled release date, Clubhouse is pointing to its arrival for the summer. He warned that there would not be much visibility to these messages and that they would focus mainly on innovation and awareness.

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Although some give the clubhouse Is distorted, The truth is, these Android numbers show the opposite. The number of users on Android has doubled in a week and is getting ready to bring more news very soon.