March 2, 2024


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Cloud ME brings people together in Beijing 2022

Bringing people together at the 2022 Winter Olympics, despite space and distance limitations Ali Baba Introducing an innovative cloud-based technology called “Cloud ME”.

Cloud ME is based on a “Real-Time Communication” solution from Chinese cloud computing service provider Alibaba and creates realistic expectations that participants can use to talk to each other in real time.

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang at the Shanghai Cloud ME studio. Photo: Alibaba cloud

If people enter the Cloud ME studio, a full-body photo is shown in another studio. Using realistic projection, participants can greet and get to know their other studio counterparts. According to the manufacturer, Cloud ME Studio is easy to set up and can also be opened to a larger audience in an unlimited number of locations.

In addition to typical studio equipment, such as a camcorder and computer for recording film materials, no additional on-site IT infrastructure is required thanks to the power of cloud computing. Videos and audios produced in Cloud ME studio are transmitted via Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of the Alibaba Group. The proven RTC solution is backed by Alibaba’s advanced cloud computing capabilities and extensive global network coverage.

Daniel Zhang and Thomas Bach presented at the Beijing Media Center.

Daniel Zhang and Thomas Bach presented at the Beijing Media Center. Photo: Alibaba cloud

With the low latency and high availability of Alibaba Cloud, the process can be completed within 200 milliseconds. The live recording is then displayed on a 4K screen, creating a photorealistic 3D effect that reconstructs every detail such as facial expressions or the makeup of clothes in high definition.

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The first contact was made via Cloud ME during the Winter Games between Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, and Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is not taking place in China because COVID-19 could meet place restrictions. (Stadium World, February 21, 2022)