February 24, 2024


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New technology enables blind people to play

New technology enables blind people to play

Artha France develops technologies for visually impaired people to make them more aware of their environment. Video games like Trackmania are used as a test.

Thus, researchers succeeded in making the racing game accessible to people with visual impairments. Trackmania becomes playable even for completely blind people.

Trackmania: a belt with haptic feedback that allows blind people to play

Artha France technology is actually a special strap developed with haptic feedback. In this way, information from inputs, such as a camera or screen, is converted into sensations on the skin. Using a virtual environment to try out the technology was an easy way at first to try it out.

Trackmania provided the perfect pitch for invention: not only is it consistent and easy to play, but it also simulates many real-life challenges. Players are regularly asked to be quick to absorb and to react quickly.

When the first tests began with the Artha France device, it took between six and 20 hours for the participants to learn how to use it properly. Thanks to improvements and ease of access, that time is now reduced to just one hour. The first video game modification in a labyrinth occurred in this technique Maine Craft. The next step was to send a person equipped with a touch device to a real underground mine.

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Artha’s YouTube channel shows the whole process in detail. It also gives an insight into the further development of the technology it has undergone in recent years. Meanwhile it became Announced a cloud and console release for Trackmania including a planned release period.

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