June 18, 2024


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ChromeOS release notes 121 published |  HelenTech

ChromeOS release notes 121 published | HelenTech

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Google again announced that ChromeOS 121 was released as a stable release on February 6, 2024, and updated content regarding streaming apps on Chromebooks, voice input (dictation), and ending support for ChromeS Flex.advertisementan act.

Last time, I put together an article about the changes I noticed in ChromeOS 121, but the content announced by Google is different, and includes some minor changes.

table of contents

Three major changes

First, you can now use ChromeVox to control Android apps when streaming apps to your Chromebook. This lets you control streaming apps using ChromeOS' screen reader functionality.

Next, you can now enable voice input (dictation) using Launcher + D on your keyboard. When you enable it for the first time, a dialog box will appear telling you that you are about to enable voice input, that certain audio files may be downloaded, and how to change the voice input language. Additionally, it appears that it can also be used with the function keys of some Logitech keyboards.

Third, as of January 1, 2024, support for ChromeOS Flex certified devices, which was limited to 2023, has officially ended. Devices will continue to receive ChromeOS Flex updates, but will no longer be tested or maintained by the Flex team.

For support deadlines for ChromeOS Flex certified devices, seeList of approved modelsplease confirm.

other details

Includes printing, touchpad gestures, updates to enterprise data controls, and more.

  • Borderless printing:Now you can print your photos borderlessly on photo paper using a compatible printer.
  • The assistant's first message is now hidden: ChromeOS 121 removes the welcome and setup messages presented to new users when they first launch Assistant on ChromeOS.
  • Additional areas of security investigation: ChromeOS Data Control events include additional fields to improve admin visibility in security investigation tools.
  • Limitations of Enterprise DataControls (DLP) files:Use new DLP file restrictions to control what users can do with files on ChromeOS devices with source- and destination-based rules. DLP file restrictions are now available for events such as copy, paste, screen capture, screen sharing, and printing. IT administrators can create strategies to protect information using rules based on data sources, destinations, and users.
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Release notes for ChromeOS Enterprise and Education are available athereplease confirm.