March 3, 2024


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Metallic texture like a spaceship.“oo watch” is a space-themed wristwatch with an interesting dial that resembles the orbit of a planet |  Gizmodo Japan

Metallic texture like a spaceship.“oo watch” is a space-themed wristwatch with an interesting dial that resembles the orbit of a planet | Gizmodo Japan

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We get excited when we hear keywords related to space, such as solid, futuristic spaceships and beautiful planets.

A watch inspired by the universe.Oh, watch”Featured on machi-ya. Speaking of watches, they are also perfect gifts for the holiday season. Please use this as a reference for gift giving.

Structures that were once considered impossible are now possible

Photo: u_t_o

The most notable feature of the oo watch is its use of innovative disc-shaped hour and minute hands.

Traditionally, watches adopting this structure, as shown in the diagram above,Writing down the time that appears to be reflected in a mirrorIt has become. This was a drawback of this structure, as it was not possible to determine the correct time immediately.

Photo: u_t_o

The developers of oo watch noticed this problem and looked for a way to combine the hour and minute hands on a dial with the correct position display.Create a new structure. It took five years to develop. In the sense that it made the impossible possible, it can be said to be a masterpiece in the world of watches.

So what exactly is structure? The minute hand and hour hand are separate, and the two circles overlap. The three-dimensional structure of the hour and minute hands is unique.

A small world where time flies away

Photo: u_t_o

Since this watch is inspired by outer space, you can feel the cosmic feel everywhere else.

In particular, the three-layer structure of the disk resembles the orbits of the planets in the solar system. It’s also smart not to put the timestamp on the surface, but rather on the side. Although it is a wristwatch, it can be worn as an accessory.

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Photo: u_t_o

The text on the case back, which appears to have been carved from metal, and the solid mechanical texture is reminiscent of a probe or spaceship.

The cowhide belt is also seamless and simple. Even the buckle is made of stainless steel, giving it a futuristic feel, ensuring the outer space effect is perfect.

As a gift for your loved ones

Photo: u_t_o

There are three colors in total, each with a planet name assigned to it. All colors are basic colors that suit all generations and tastes, so whoever you gift it to, they will be happy.

The movement is Seiko, which is safe and reliable. Another great feature is that it has a waterproof function and comes with a 1-year repair warranty from the date of purchase.

Photo: u_t_o

It also comes with an elegant original watch box, so you can give it as a gift as soon as it arrives.

They will be shipped serially from December 2023, and will be delivered by Christmas, so there’s plenty of time. Why not include a romantic O Watch as a Christmas gift for your loved ones this year?

On the project page, you can check details of items that we could not provide here. Please visit the link below.

>>It’s like a small universe! A watch with decorations of planetary movements and spaceships

Photo: u_t_o

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