June 4, 2023


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Chainlink and PwC Germany want to support more companies in introducing blockchain technology

Chainlink Labs announces strategic partnership with PwC Germany to accelerate enterprise-level adoption of blockchain technology, CryptoMonday has learned from press release.

Chainlink Labs, the company behind blockchain and cryptocurrency (LINK), will support clients of PwC Germany who want to enter the blockchain economy but do not have enough experience with contracts and smart contracts.

Focus on secure smart contracts

PricewaterhouseCoopers brings its regulatory expertise and strong technical expertise to the partnership. The world’s leading accounting firm will help its clients develop fully secure and efficient smart contracts as well as build their own blockchain infrastructure.

With the support of both institutions, German companies should be able to create tailor-made blockchain solutions that utilize the capabilities of Chainlink middleware.

Overcoming technical obstacles

Smart contracts and blockchain have the potential to transform global industries. Technical barriers such as limited network interoperability and insecure connections between enterprise systems have historically prevented the adoption of blockchain.

As the leading Web3 provider of blockchain middleware, Chainlink will help make this technology more accessible to businesses. This is to increase productivity and profitability.

Effective blockchain solutions

PwC Germany has already developed its own blockchain solutions. They include the beta, digital asset valuation model, token framework, and travel rules integration. They offer ecosystem management, technology assessment and strategy, expert advisory, and more.

In its report “Time to Trust,” PwC Germany points to the potential of blockchain technology to fundamentally change economic processes, businesses, and society as a whole. William Herkelrath, Director of Business Development at Chainlink Labs, said:

We are excited to support PwC Germany with this strategic collaboration that will help companies securely connect their existing systems to all major blockchain networks.

Dimitri Gross of PwC Germany added:

PwC Germany and Chainlink Labs aim to accelerate institutional adoption of blockchain technology in key areas such as the capital markets, ushering in a new era of security, transparency and efficiency in transactions.