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Tuscany Castles - Article - Foto von Alea / Ravensburger

Castles of Tuscany – Britsbyl

Whether in Burgundy or Tuscany, your country can be wonderfully expanded with many buildings and landscapes all around. And while this is less complicated for rulers in Tuscany, it is equally fun and can also be a great way to prepare rulers for building buildings in Burgundy later.

How do Tuscany castles work? – Brief overview of the rules

Tuscany Castle (Alea Spiele / Ravensburger) is a game developed by Stefan Feld for two to four players and can be considered as the little brother of the game Burgundy castles Describe. As can be seen from the introduction, the comparison to this game is often drawn in this review.

Over three rounds, players in The Castles of Tuscany try to get the most victory points by cleverly placing buildings and landscapes on their board. Starting with the starting tile, players gradually add more building tiles to their area. However, it is permissible to lay each building slab only in a free space of the corresponding color.

To do this, players can choose from three different actions in each of their roles. On the one hand, you can take a building tile from the screen, since there are always eight building tiles for everyone. If the player chooses this action, he first places the selected square on an empty space in his clipboard and refills the supply with a piece from his refill pile. The round ends as soon as the player uses the first, second, or third pile of tiles to fill. On the other hand, players can also place a tile from their clipboard in one of their board fields. All you have to do is get rid of two cards in your hand of the corresponding color. If the building is placed on the board, the player will get a bonus for the game depending on the type of building. These can be additional moves, additional cards from your hand, or additional fields for your portfolio. The key element of the game is that players can boost the rewards of different buildings during the game. Depending on the boosted rewards, the tactical direction of the player changes a lot. As a third action, the player can choose to draw two cards from his hand so that he can better place his building blocks in the next rounds.

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Players can earn victory points in different ways, but mostly by completing a colored area on their board. Additional possibilities are points on the yield cards, which can be drawn in the game, or develop as diverse a cultivation as possible. Victory points are scored on two different tracks. Points earned in the game are indicated on the green bar. When the round ends, the points on the green bar are moved to or added to the red bar. The green bar does not reset after this. b- Points from the first round are counted three times in the game and are therefore more valuable.

Is Tuscany Castles Worth It?

First of all, the point system in the game that was explained last should be emphasized. It is clear that many of the strategies and courses of action in the game promise more success than others in the long run, but the points system prevents these moves from being the best at the same time. Points reached quickly equal to three times what is scored later in the game. So it is important to find a good mix of early points and long term strategies so that it is a z. B finally does not run out of breath. This regulation can be compared to the registration of completed color areas in the game Burgundy castles. Here areas completed early award more points than those completed later in the game. But with the castles of Tuscany, this is clearly more dangerous.

Both, but not one, belong to the group!

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two games is the complexity of the games. while in Burgundy castles The player has several options to choose from by laying his dice, and the choice of actions in this game is more limited. This in no way makes The Castles of Tuscany the worst game. The statements that you should only have one of the two toys in your group are also wrong. Both games can exist side by side, as they have completely different claims. For evenings when you have less desire for a more complex game, but still feel the mechanics and feel Burgundy castles Like to have this game is just the thing. Even for players who have not yet played The Castles of Burgundy, The Castles of Tuscany offers a great introduction to the mechanics of its older brother. On the one hand, there are a lot of The Castles of Burgundy, and on the other hand the game also offers enough new things to offer completely different tactical challenges to the players.

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I invited

All in all, The Castles of Tuscany is a great expert game, which can be played in really short time after a match or two, and it also works great for two players. With different building bonus boosters, different tactics can be implemented throughout the game, which brings a lot of variety to the game. With a constantly large deck of cards at hand, many points can be achieved at the end of the game eg B. Also through several payoff cards or bonus moves. In addition, beautiful textures are presented to the player, and in addition to several squares, there is a colorful picture on the table that literally invites you to play.