April 23, 2024


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Capcom created a piece the size of Dimitres

By creating this original and unexpected artwork, Capcom has thought of many Lady Dimitris fans.

Credit: Capcom

During the release of the game Resident Evil Village Fast approaching – next May 7 for those who don’t remember it – Capcom has decided to do one more ad to launch the eighth installment franchise by creating a larger piece. This piece is in the image of Alcina, known as the “Lady”, Dimitresku It really is its true size. Following the first resident Evil Showcase, Capcom already noted the size of the giant vampire female, and that she was about 3 meters tall. So the size of the piece is ridiculous, which is a testament to the video shared by Capcom. We see an employee lying next to it in order to have an element to compare.

The only downside is that this piece is only sold in Japan, which means that the French fans of the beautiful and charismatic Dimitrescu will not be able to catch it. However, in a week and a half, Cupcom has found the right way to publish the word about its game on consoles and PC. Aside from the posters pasted on shop windows and buses, this bath towel is the ultimate representation of the tremendous size of the game’s headline.

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Also, don’t forget that demos Village And preview releases on PlayStation Chato will be available for free on all platforms on May 2nd. This game will be added for free on May 7 with the RE: verse multiplayer game.

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