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PvEvP-Survival-Shooter Scavengers Opening Morning 28. April Ten Early Access

Midwinder Entertainment Details of how the players will play were announced today for the first time Initial access Scavenger Starts April 28 on the system. Along with Twitch, there will be a special event with Twitch Drops where players from around the world will have the opportunity to be the first to receive early access. Scavenger Can play in front of anyone else.

New players can Scavenger Watch streams from scavengers on Twitch and play early access by doing the following:

Player players from ScavengerThe community that has already registered or participated in previous game trials will automatically gain access for early access.

“Early access via Twitch gives new fans the opportunity to learn more about it directly from the community Scavenger Learn, ”said Josh Holmes, CEO and co-founder of Midwinder Entertainment. “Since the game is always available in early access, there are many more options to modify the game, introduce new settings and accept feedback from our players. This is an important step towards an official release later this year. “

Scavenger Created by players from Hollow, Battlefield and Battlefield Owner Development Groups. Players are taken to a hospitable ice desert in which three teams fight each other for survival and data points. Ice pioneers can be used to survive and strategize on the battlefield using a combination of powerful abilities and weapons of the future. Popular PVE components and class-based PVP battles are integrated from sandbox systems.


The environment of the apocalyptic earth is harsh and unforgivable. To manipulate frozen terrain and successfully recover data points, scavengers are offered the following options:

  • Defend your success in different ways: To win a match on the Scavengers teams, you must survive, fight against AI opponents and rival teams, and deliver more data points to the planet. How you do this is yours: Avoid contact with other players, be able to cover up unsuspecting enemies from a distance secretly or face competitors bravely. A team loses only if all three members are switched off.
  • Choose individual analysts: There are many characters or “Explorers” for players to choose from. Each Explorer has a unique weapon and capability, as well as strong capabilities to improve security, agility, usefulness and more.
  • Constant loads: Combine weapons, items and skills to create loads suitable for a variety of game styles. Although many weapons can be found in the frozen barren land, players can create unique weapons by cooking to further diversify their gear.
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The limited time Twitch Drops initial access event starts at 9am on April 28th at CEST, after which it is scheduled to open to all players. Scavengers is currently in development for PC, with the full version scheduled for 2021. A console version is coming later. Register your interest in playing Scavengers www.playscavengers.com

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