September 30, 2023


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Canyon forms a technology partnership |

Canyon forms a technology partnership |

Bicycle manufacturer Canyon has entered into a technology partnership with a communications solutions company in the field of V2X (Vehicle to Everything). What are the specific goals.

There are many scenarios that can lead to bicycle accidents, for example because other road users are not paying attention or because a cyclist is in a blind spot or visual contact is otherwise restricted. This is where communications solutions for V2X technology come in. This is being used in more and more mesh vehicles. Allows cars and trucks to connect to V2X bikes and is forewarned of potentially dangerous situations.

One provider in this area is Autotalks (

). Canyon entered into a partnership with this company. The goal is to reduce accidents involving bicycles and increase the overall safety of cyclists on the road. The Autotalks V2X solution supports both the 802.11p (DSRC) and LTE-V2X (C-V2X) standards for global use of the technology.

Together with specialists from Israel, Canyon wants to pioneer the implementation of the first series of V2X technology integration in some premium e-bikes. This allows other V2X-equipped vehicles and infrastructure (such as traffic lights) to receive a notification when a Canyon bike is nearby. “The collaboration adds an important new dimension to the connectivity already present in many of the company’s e-bikes,” Canyon said.

Canyon plans to make this technology commercially available by the end of 2026 in bikes exclusive to

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