April 18, 2024


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Button Festival in Graz: where characters from the gaming world come to life

Button Festival in Graz: where characters from the gaming world come to life

On Friday afternoon at 4 p.m., a small line of game enthusiasts from Graz Forms in the Graz exhibition hall. Next to “Motion Expo”, the “Festival of Buttons” is being held for the second time in the Exhibition Center. The festival was already well attended on the first day. Yae Miko, from the movie “Genshin Impact” can already be spotted: it is also possible that she will appear in cosplay at the festival. There is also a separate cosplay show on Saturdays, where visitors can present their costumes

From karaoke to homemade art

After a short wait, I reached the lower area, which is used as the entrance and toilet. Then the stairs lead to the heart of the festival and it begins with the feature: karaoke. At the beginning, a small group forms, waiting for their turn to sing “Radactive” from the song “Imagine Dragons”. And next to it is the Nintendo platform, where you can play games like “Mario Kart” or “Splatoon”. The old consoles, which many used to plunge into the gaming world for the first time, provide a retro feel.

Nintendo Switch booth
© Nico Lang

Furthermore, it returns to territory that should not be free from any gaming and anime convention: in Artist Alley, artists present their self-made works. Everything from popular character charms from games and movies to homemade candles and bath bombs. Austrian author duo “JH Prassel” are also represented at the platform and will be reading from his high fantasy epic, which already has six volumes.

Cosplay on the button

Some Graz cosplayers took the opportunity on Friday to get back into their costumes. Most often, characters from the game “Genshin Impact” were revived. So, Kaeya was looking for a new sword at the “LARP” (Live Action, Role Playing) booth and Rosaria was walking through Artist Alley.

Cosplayer Graz Asti as “Kaeya” from “Genshin Impact”
© Nico Lang

Graz cospalyer “Klee” as “Rosaria” from “Genshin Impact”
© Nico Lang

Influencers can be found in the A1 platform, where players play a round of the ‘League of Legends’.

Gratz Cosplayer Nisei as “Yae Miko” from Genshin Impact
© Nico Lang