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Build a Montana Black gaming PC in MIFCOM 3D Component – Hardware

Build a Montana Black gaming PC in MIFCOM 3D Component – Hardware

(Excerpt from the press release)

Munich, 04/28/23 | Created by MIFCOM’s Munich computer experts for Twitch star MontanaBlack, viewers can regularly enjoy the unique GetOnMyLVL PC rig – and now watch it from every perspective on their own PC, tablet or smartphone.

The new cloud application GetOnMyLVL 3D-Experience, programmed by ARCWARE in Munich for MIFCOM, reproduces the ultimate gaming machine as an interactive 3D polygon model in the browser. Because advanced image computation takes place entirely in the ray tracing cloud of ARCWARE’s graphics professionals, the rendering quality on any current device reaches a stunningly realistic level.

Using the mouse on the computer or simply with their fingers on the touch screen, users can rotate, move or zoom the 3D model of the computer and thus view it from every imaginable perspective. The virtual showroom also designs the well-known office suite and diversified aquarium for the YouTuber and streaming star. The level of detail in the setup and gaming PC is outstanding: at the highest magnification even the smallest details such as the labels on the various components of the motherboard can be seen. Thanks to state-of-the-art ray tracing effects like the reflections in the GetOnMyLVL PC’s glass side panel, the scene looks surprisingly real.

In addition to the original custom-built version, site visitors can also examine basic and scaled-down versions available to end customers. Features of various components and equipment can be added or removed through the configuration menu, including different graphics card models or case fans. Changes are visible immediately.

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With the GetOnMyLVL 3D experience, players can virtually build their dream PC before they buy it. The required version is then finalized and arranged in the MIFCOM online configuration tool. Finally, MIFCOM’s experienced system integrators assemble your ordered computer to the highest quality standards before easily delivering it to your home.

The GetOnMyLVL series computers, designed in collaboration with MontanaBlack, are available from MIFCOM at prices starting at €1,749, as options as Mini, Core or Ultimate Edition. The current top model is equipped with the fastest graphics card currently, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, a 16-core main processor and is completely water cooled.

ARCWARE GmbH was founded in 2020 as a sister company of MIFCOM under the direction of MIFCOM Managing Director Dimitri Mistetski. With CloudRT, the startup, also based in Munich, has developed a powerful platform that makes it possible to compute complex 3D objects up to entire virtual worlds in its data center and send scenes to users as real. – Stream and broadcast 3D video in the highest graphic quality regardless of end device performance. Unlike streaming video, users of the ARCWARE Browser app can control and change the display interactively.

GetOnMyLVL’s 3D experience is one of the first major applications of this great technology and impressively illustrates the potential of ARCWARE’s cloud streaming service. Despite the amazing level of detail and modern graphical effects like real-time ray tracing, the app always renders all objects at the optimum speed, without noticeable slowdowns, load times, or even interruptions. Even older mobile phones or tablets benefit from the stunning graphics of the cutting-edge engine.

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Company Director Dmitry Mestitsky: “ARCWARE’s CloudRT is specifically designed for demanding applications that require maximum graphics performance. A prime example of this is the new 3D experience from MIFCOM: our streaming technology enables real-time ray tracing in the browser with unprecedented quality. MIFCOM customers benefit Right from this, they can virtually assemble their dream computer on screen. We hope MontanaBlack’s GetOnMyLVL computer is just the beginning and that we’ll soon be able to offer other gaming PCs from the MIFCOM range in a 3D configurator.”

The MIFCOM 3D experience is now available at goml.mifcom.cloud. A device with a recent internet browser is required for access. Information about ARCWARE GmbH and other application examples of the Pixel Stream cloud are available at arcware.com.