September 30, 2023


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Brother Usage Report of “HAK110” Can Print Foils in One Sheet and Can Print 8 Colors Foils by Changing the Cartridge – GIGAZINE

Brother Usage Report of “HAK110” Can Print Foils in One Sheet and Can Print 8 Colors Foils by Changing the Cartridge – GIGAZINE

Foils are printed by reacting the wafer with laser printer toner. Usually, orders are placed in bulk from one supplier, but from chip printersHAK110You can print foil from one sheet of paper yourself.

Foil printers are the same as ordinary printers in terms of “printing”, there are some similarities in structure, but the basic difference is that they print foil, not ink or toner. A foil cartridge is used for this, and the installation process was completely unique.

Brother HAK Aluminum Foil Printer for High Mix Small Foil Printing | Brother

HAK110 | foil printer | Brother

The following article summarizes what the “HAK110” chip printer looks like and what it contains.

Brother “HAK110” Usage Report / Appearance Version Make Chip Printing Easy Toner Matching – GIGAZINE

The work continues from the last part of the previous article where I opened the front cover and removed the foil holder.

What you need to use a foil printer is “foil”. Chip printer sold separately.

This is a foil wrapped cartridge. There seem to be two rolls, but this is one set. The roll on the back is in a box with the “Brother” logo on it, and the roll on the front is bare.

Open the chip holder cover.

Place the exposed spool of the wafer cartridge into the open part of the carrier.

It doesn’t snap into place, but it’s okay if you align the ring at the end of the roller with the groove of the carrier.

Place the other cartridge roll into the carriage without closing the carriage. Here, an arrow is written on the blue part at the end, and it is inserted in the direction of the groove.

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If you insert it all the way in, only the blue claw will be visible, so turn it counterclockwise so that it attaches to the white part below.

It’s okay if there is a click.

Two rolls are now placed in the holder.

Close the cover of the first open holder.

It looks like this when closed.

The shim is a bit slack, so flip the end of the spool over the side of the carrier cap to pull out the slack.

Place the entire chip carrier back into the printer body.

Close the front cover.

Then connect the power cable to the back of the printer.

Pull out the output tray located on the bottom front of the printer and you’re ready to print.

Finally, we’ll start printing the chips.


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