July 21, 2024


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“Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth with the Power Kit” Introducing the “Hiosisho” satellite set you created with your own hands and the “Nenin Names” that make warlords more active!  |  player

“Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth with the Power Kit” Introducing the “Hiosisho” satellite set you created with your own hands and the “Nenin Names” that make warlords more active! | player

In addition, the introduction video of System 3 “Different Strategies” has been released, so let’s check it out.

Below is the information as announced.

A group of followers you create with your own hands, “Hyoeishu”

In this business, you can organize a “reputation group” that will be the center of power and be the player’s right hand. The council consists of two members: “Kazai” and “Mugyu”. Only senior vassals and daimyo vassals can be appointed as kasai, who set the direction of power and are, as it were, the chief executives of the power. Each housekeeping attribute that a housekeeper possesses has a unique and powerful effect on the entire clan, so the strategy that can be taken will change dramatically depending on who is hired as the housekeeper. A magistrate is an entity that aids and assists the daimyo in implementing policies. In addition to being able to issue new policies that can only be used by your own strength or depending on your origin or profession, you can also get effects such as discounts on policy costs. By organizing critics, players can create a system of government similar to the Five Justices and Mori Ryukawa in historical reality.

Housekeeping Characteristics (Partial Excerpt)

Honda Masanobu

Housekeeper ability: Hyper Causal
Effect: Policy to increase experience points gained by warlords. It will be easier to cultivate the abilities of the officers, but be careful because the officers with lower abilities will lose their loyalty.

Kato Kiyomasa

Housekeeper ability: build a castle
Effect: The policy is to strengthen the defense of the castle by using money to build the castle. Active when you decide to strengthen your defenses.

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Nagamasa Kuroda

Housekeeper Trait: Permanent Soldier Training
Effect: With the policy of prioritizing military power over intra-territory development, it has the effect of slowing down the speed of village capture in return for increasing maximum military power. In the long run, it’s best to take charge, but it’s effective when you need troops temporarily.

Characteristics of reconciliation (partial excerpts)

Sanada Nobuyuki

Judge Trait: Sanada Den
Effect: It is possible to issue the “Rokumonsen no Oath” policy, which is transmitted only to the Sanada family, and has the effect of increasing the attack and defense of units in your area. Faction-specific policies can be used by other factions, which expands the scope of gameplay.

Munenori Yagyu

Judge Attribute: Knowledge of the Swordsman
Effect: An attribute of the Magistrate mainly possessed by Warlords known as Master Duelists, who can issue a “Martial Arts Teaching” policy. When released, it has the effect of increasing damage when the tactic is activated. In addition, followers will provide “martial arts education”, and you can strengthen your forces when you go to the next battle. By issuing policies regarding assets and occupations in this way, powerful effects can be suggested.

Tore Motocho

Quest characteristics: city defense and quest
Effect: The cost of issuing the “Fortress Building” document can be reduced by a certain percentage. At the beginning of the game, even 100 coins can be reduced, but as the policy level goes up, the cost goes up, so the end of the game is greatly reduced, and this is an effect that cannot be underestimated.

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Two “names” increase the warlord’s activity

In this job, if you give a letter of appreciation to a subordinate officer, the officer will get a “second name” according to the type of achievement you gave, and in addition to increasing your ability, you can get special effects. The effect of the maximum title is very powerful. Managing human resources in the medium to long term is more important than how officers are trained and allowed to play an active role.

“Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth with the Power Kit” Introducing the “Hiosisho” satellite set you created with your own hands and the “Nenin Names” that make warlords more active!  |  player
Nicknames system impact Effect size (LV2) effect size (LV4)
suppression Increases the speed of capturing the province 30% 80
fights Increases damage to enemy units 10 % 25
Conspiracy Increases the speed of retrieving tactics, key points, and equipment metrics. 30% 75
internal affairs Increases the income of military supplies from the castle affiliation 15% 40 %

“Disturbance” of the castle is the key to a new strategy

In this work, when an enemy unit is defeated in battle, the castle the unit belongs to will be in a state of “turmoil”. A disturbed castle will not be able to take the battle for a certain period of time, and the recovery of military strength will be delayed, so by disturbing the enemy, you can create opportunities for offensive attacks and buy time before counterattacking. Furthermore, if you win a battle or siege battle and create a great wind, surrounding castles may shake, making the outcome of the battle more important than ever.

“Important equipment” varies according to the military commander

Important Facilities play an important role in siege battles which is greatly enhanced in this work. Important facilities based on the castle siege map are determined by the lords and magistrates around the defensive base castle. Because the equipment designed is different according to the military leader, if you take into account the equipment when the military leader is set to be placed in the defense base, you will be able to build a stronger castle defense system.

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Important equipment (partial excerpts)

well a house

Continue to damage nearby enemies. Strengthen over time. It was built by warlords such as Murashige Araki, Koroku Hachisuka, and Ujikuni Hojo, who are good at counterattacking invading enemies.


When activated, it deals a large amount of damage to enemies at a wide range. It was built by warlords like Ieyasu Tokugawa, Ukon Takayama, and Tadaoki Hosokawa who were good at handling new technologies.

Shinobi camp

When activated, it confuses nearby enemies and lowers their defense. Hanzo Hattori, Kazumasu Takigawa, Kanetsugu Nao, and other warlords who are ninjas or who are good with ninjas will build them.

Timber Library

Increases durability of surrounding equipment. Strengthen over time. It was built by warlords like Terumasa Ikeda, Ujisato Gamo, and Sadakatsu Murai who were good at building and repairing.


Continuously nullifies flanking attacks on surrounding allies and increases their defense. It was built by warlords like Muneharu Shimizu, Iehisa Shimazu, and Sagetssai Oniwa who were good at resisting enemy attack.