August 15, 2022


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review |  strange strange – Review | strange strange

Written by Denise Janssen on .

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Man is an interesting creature. Especially in social groups, many act strangely. Some hide their true selves behind a mask, others completely withdraw from these structures and still others are completely absorbed in large groups. But no matter how much he likes to portray himself as round and smooth, every one of them has an obvious or hidden whim about them. It is these angles and edges that make a person 3D and personalize them. Wunderbar Strange is about teasing those quirks of friends and family, and maybe even getting to know them in a whole new way. Who is the open book to you and who reveals the secrets?

Information about the game

Pyatnik kindly provides us with a “wonderful freak” for review.
This has no bearing on our rating!

This is what the game is about

The story of “Wunderbar Strange” is about discovering and/or evaluating the quirks of your fellow players. During the turn, the questioner (clockwise from the starting person) who draws a card from the deck and reads it is chosen. These questions must now be answered by all the other people in the playing group with the word ‘OK’ or ‘Not true’, referring to themselves.

Awesome weird test 001

Each person at the table has two distinct symbols with an “X” and a sign. If the question applies to that person, they must place the token with the hook pointing down in front of them, otherwise the other token. When everyone has voted, it is now the interviewee’s turn to evaluate the answers of the rest of the group. The questioner and the respondent receive one point for each correct answer. If the questioner can guess all the answers correctly, he will get twice as many points for this round. The game ends once everyone has been able to take on the role of the questioner twice.

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Tags: 3-8 people, competition, 30 minutes, team game