June 25, 2022


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Börse Express – tests with self-driving vehicles in Austria and Italy / 5G technology tested across borders

The results of a pilot project on autonomous driving were presented as part of the 5G-CARMEN project funded by the European Commission. Based on 5G networks, automated vehicle functions have been developed that record traffic conditions using sensors based on 5G. Tests were conducted within individual countries and across borders in Austria, Italy and Germany.

Two vehicles developed by the Italian-French automaker Stellantis were tested on the Italian, Austrian and Austrian-German borders (Brenner and Kufstein). Vehicles receive support for automating driving functions via the 5G mobile network.

The automated lane change was tested in Kufstein on the German-Austrian border. Three BMW vehicles transmitted their position, speed and intent to change lanes over the 5G network to the BMW Service. This service monitors the running traffic and the distance between vehicles, determines the recommended speed for all vehicles, and chooses the right time to change lanes.

“Cross-border scenarios are challenging for 5G networks, and the project has demonstrated smooth roaming for drivers moving from one country to another,” said a report presenting the results of the tests. The 5G-Carmen project is coordinated by the Trentino Bruno Kessler Foundation. Carmen means “European Union Connected and Automated Mobility”.

Project partners include network operators TIM, Magenta and Deutsche Telekom, the Italian operator of INWI radio towers and technology companies Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies and NEC Laboratories Europe. The road operator of the A22 Brenner motorway is also involved in the project.

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