August 19, 2022


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“Technology has the power to change and save lives”: Cornelia Weinzerl in the survey.

Cornelia Wenzierl (© melon)

Her mother, Cornelia Wenzierl, founder of melon. The Munich Personal Health and Nutrition app, which focuses on sustainability, is a growing social network that provides its members with easy access to informed nutrition. Hosted by a community of nutritionists and food experts, members can book fresh vegetarian dishes as well as participate in individual and group workshops and sessions. In our survey, Cornelia Wenzierl reveals that mobile payments are “often not user friendly” and where she sees the potential for mobile development. What was your first cell phone?

Cornelia Weinzerl: A true classic: the Motorola clamshell phone! Which one is better in your opinion: Android or iOS and why?

Cornelia Weinzerl: You can’t say that in general. iOS has a well-designed user interface. Android in turn allows developers more freedom in programming. What are the three apps you no longer want to miss on your home screen?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Melon, spat and slack. Keyword Advertising for Mobile: What’s Your Best Ad Ever?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Apple Watch 911 ad. Simple yet emotional, it shows that technology has the power to change and save lives. And what’s the worst mobile ad for you?

Cornelia Weinzerl: In my opinion, bad mobile ads consist of static images with text that has too little or too much text-to-text contrast and illegible fonts. Do you have a mobile role model? If the answer is yes, which one?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Brian Chesky, founder of AirBnB, and Brian Armstrong, founder of Coinbase. How would your mother describe your work?

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Cornelia Weinzerl: An entrepreneur who makes the world more sustainable, digital, and easy to use every day. Is your work a profession or a calling for you?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Definitely contact. How do you feel about mobile payments?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Mobile payment is often slow and not easy to use and therefore needs to evolve in order to function smoothly as a global payment option. When and where do you miss the mobile in your daily life, in other words: where do you still see the potential for development?

Cornelia Weinzerl: I want niche markets in service segments powered by ML algorithms to provide access to personalized offers. The same applies to PropTech, HealthTech and FinTech with a focus on previously illiquid financial instruments (such as private equity). Mobile in 5 years: what has disappeared, what has prevailed?

Cornelia Weinzerl: Web3.0-enabled applications and custom applications prevailed in their simplest form. Gone are the inconvenient firmware applications for the user.