June 28, 2022


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A fully charged electric car in 10 minutes thanks to the new battery technology

When it comes to electronic cars, many people are still interested in what it takes Domain not aligned. Because it’s just fast for one gas station Driving and filling the tank is not possible. American company Inovix So working on a new one battery technologywhich leads to a faster download acceleration again.

0 to 98 percent in less than 10 minutes

During a newly developed test 3D Li-ion Silicon Battery Enovix engineers have successfully developed a 0.27Ah battery cell in less than that 10 minutes from 0 to 98 percent Cost. Shipping arrives 80 percent It was already after the good 5 minutes Closed.

Harold Rost, president of Enovix, hopes their innovation will pave the way for e-vehicles: “We’ve been able to deliver performance that exceeds the goals of many e-vehicle manufacturers,” he said in one press release on me. In addition, the life span The battery does not suffer from extremely short charging times. Batteries should still have 93 percent of their capacity even after 1,000 charge cycles. According to the company, the batteries are suitable for operation by at least 10 years even.

Silicon anode and compact shape

All this is made possible thanks to the 3D architecture of the silicon and lithium-ion battery. Anode closed 100% siliconeWhich the company says can store twice as much lithium as conventional batteries. For the most part, they work with anodes made of graphite. In addition, through 3D Structure Significantly increase the capacity of the batteries.

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Enovix battery compared to a standard battery

Use on mobile devices

The new approach is not only interesting for electric cars, but Enovix also wants to use the technology in other areas. even though energy storage Much faster download. Also use in portable devices Such as smartphones or laptops.