August 7, 2022


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Book Advice: The Ecumenical Pedagogy of Pope Francis

Book Advice: The Ecumenical Pedagogy of Pope Francis

The ecumenical work of Pope Francis is complex and is known to be distinguished primarily by his personal meetings. To this end, Siegfried Glaeser and Anna Zelma chose an interesting approach in their work “The Ecumenical Pedagogy of Pope Francis”.

As the authors point out in the subtitle of their work, it is “On the Way to a New Understanding of Martin Luther and His Legacy”. “Essential continuity and new specific dialects characterize the ecumenical work of Pope Francis, who has repeatedly denounced divisions in Christianity as manifestations of human sin and is therefore passionate about restoring Christian unity,” wrote the Korean Cardinal in charge of the ecumenical movement, Kurt Koch, foreword to the book. As Cardinal Koch asserts, the book provides a good overview of the ecumenical rapprochement between the Catholic Church and Lutheran communities, and secondly, the work provides “a useful and at the same time sympathetic insight into the ecumenical work of Pope Francis, in which his ‘ecumenical pedagogical origins’ in its various forms and dimensions unfold”.

Here you can hear the book review by Mario Galgano

In the four chapters, the authors first deal with the evolution from a historical dispute to a common testimony based on the character of Martin Luther. The second chapter deals with the ecumenical motives of Pope Francis’ predecessors, then touches on the “pastoral testimony” of the current Pope, finally referring to “dynamic continuity”.

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Even if it is a science book, the analysis and explanations are well read and written in an interesting way. In this way one also learns the non-Catholic viewpoint of the Pope’s work in his ecumenical endeavours. It is interesting to Francis experts from the Catholic Church how to use keywords and other terms that do not appear on Vatican Radio. It begins with the phrase “ecumenical pedagogy”.

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We hope that the conclusion of the authors in the Catholic Church will be carried out as follows: “He (Francis) teaches not only to think and speak favorably of one another, but also to cooperate with one another on fundamental questions raised by the Catholic Church. The Church and the world. He points out that we should One should listen to one another, for only that makes mutual acquaintance and meetings based on partnership possible.”

To Take Notes: The Ecumenical Education of Pope Francis. On the Way to a New Understanding of Martin Luther and His Legacy, by Siegfried Glaeser and Anna Zelma. Published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht-unipress-Verlag.

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