June 14, 2024


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Black Myth Wukong: Summer Games Festival trailer and release date

Black Myth Wukong: Summer Games Festival trailer and release date

At Summer Game Fest, Black Myth: Wukong was revealed with a new trailer that also includes a release date. Coming August 20, 2024, on PC and PS5, you can immerse yourself in this game inspired by Chinese mythology that is already a worthy successor to Elden Ring and Sekiro.

Black Legend: Wukonga title released by the studio Science game It's finally developed and showing itself… and it is Summer Games Festival, where the program decided to show its nose through a game trailer containing a small onion. The match is scheduled to be played on August 20, 2024 Computer And PS5 He appears. One Xbox version It is still in planning, but needs more time to complete.

Black Myth Wukong trailer from Summer Game Fest:

Inspired by the legendary character L Sun Wukong From the classic Chinese novel Migration to the West The game promises an epic adventure in a rich and immersive world. The game features epic action stages and the ability to customize the hero's equipment, affecting his strengths and weaknesses. this feature The game gives a strategic dimension in which the player must skillfully navigate between monsters, taking into account their level and equipment. This innovative approach promises to enrich the gaming experience while immersing players in an immersive experience Chinese mythology Immerse yourself in a little-explored world of video games.

Black Legend: Wukong is an important game of 2024 that combines action, strategy, and a captivating immersion in rich folklore. With its wonderful aesthetics and promises the way of playing This title is definitely something that action-adventure fans and weird mythology fans should keep an eye on. To the observers!

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