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BitSummit session report "Introduction to Shuhei Yoshida's Indie Games".  He spoke about the development history and promotion strategy of "LOST EPIC".

BitSummit session report “Introduction to Shuhei Yoshida’s Indie Games”. He spoke about the development history and promotion strategy of “LOST EPIC”.

On August 6, 2022, an “Introduction to Part One of Shuhei Yoshida Indie Games” was held at the indie game event BitSummit X-Roads. This session was hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment Indies Shuhei YoshidaHe served as host, and began distributing the full version on July 28.「Epic Lost」computer / PS5 / PS4) was introduced.

One or eight directors/executive producers were invited as a guestKomura lifeWith Mr. R&D Director/ProducerShuichi SuzukiMr., Independent Game Developer and Director of “LOST EPIC”Taichiro KoroiwaReveal the history of the development of this business, promotion strategies, and the importance of making an independent game.

Shuhei Yoshida
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“LOST EPIC” was released in 2015「Earth Wars」It is a new work by the EARTH WARS team, which is being developed This team is said to have started when Mr. Kuroiwa brought the “EARTH WARS” project, which was originally planned to be developed with Image Epoch, to One or Eight.

“EARTH WARS” didn’t get much attention when it was first released, but as the number of platforms increased, so did the rating, and around 2016 it was said, “Let’s do one more work with Team EARTH WARS.” So, Mr. Kuroiwa thought of taking up the challenge of creating the Metroidvania he had wanted to make for so long, using the experience and knowledge he had gained in ‘EARTH WARS’.

Mr. Taichiro Kuroiwa
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“LOST EPIC” is in development for 6 years from 2016 to 2022, but most parts except drawings etc.Mr. Kuroiwa was earning little on his ownshe says. By the way, it was said that the staff on one side or eight, in addition to Mr. Suzuki, had two people responsible for the background and movement. The effects and other things seem to have been made in the spare time of another work. A month before Early Access (June 2021) the graphics were officially completed and the game was about to be finished.

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According to Mr. Suzuki, when promoting “LOST EPIC,” he was at a loss as to whether to go for early access or crowdfunding. In the end, if we wanted to release the first announcement of the independent game information program INDIE Live Expo, we decided that early access would be better. It has been revealed that access has begun, distribution of the full version has begun, and that it is being strategically deployed.

Mr. Shuichi Suzuki
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In addition, Mr. Komura said that “LOST EPIC” was not a promotion strategy for “EARTH WARS”.I knew I would touch the eyes of many peopleHe was speaking to In fact, the “LOST EOIC” promotion strategy was effective, and the number of favorites on Steam at the start of Early Access is said to have reached 50,000.

During the period from the beginning of Early Access to the beginning of distribution of the full release version, improvements were made with reference to feedback and requests received on SNS. It is said that the reports of problems from abroad in English and Chinese were also shared in an understandable form, and the priority order for corrections was determined. According to Mr. Kuroiwa, there have been some severe criticisms, but as a result of reacting as much as possible, he was able to fine-tune the game.

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Regarding the Early Access challenge this time around, Mr. Kuroiwa replied, “I’m glad I did, but it was difficult.” He explained that there are many cases out there where a beta test is being conducted for the first time, and after the results are received and fine-tuned, the game enters early access. And it wasn’t something that had to be implemented at some point

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Mr. Komura also said that since most of the “LOST EPIC” was done by Mr. Kuroiwa, he had no choice but to prioritize corrections, respond to requests and do them one by one. In addition, if the response is delayed, the impression will be bad, the feedback he got will be answered as much as possible. We receive a lot more feedback from users than we expected, so from now onIndependent studios that want to take on the early access challenge must build a comprehensive system, including staffing, before proceeding.was talking to

Issa Komura
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The topic also covered differences in opinions expressed by country and region. According to Mr. Suzuki, foreign users are relatively tolerant of the early access version, but Japanese users tend to be strict, and he lamented that “our perception was off”.

“LOST EPIC” took over a year from early access to the full release version. Originally, the full release version was planned to be delivered in six months, but due to poor quantity estimates, it ended up taking nearly twice the time.
According to Mr. Kuroiwa, the response to comments received after the full release version is distributed will be processed in future updates. In addition, although it was temporarily implemented during the Early Access period, he was eager to re-implement the functionality and content that had been deleted.

At the end of the session, Mr. Komura was asked about the importance of publishing One or Eight of his original game titles.
After founding the company in 2014, after working on several original titles, he finally got a response from EARTH WARS. Sales download is also possible. In that case, I think it’s dangerous not to try, ‘Keep making games like One or Eight and Team Earth Wars.’ In addition, Mr. Kuroiwa and Mr. Suzuki said they would like to continue taking on new challenges.

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