May 21, 2024


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Will it be the final display Qidi Vida |

Will it be the final display Qidi Vida |

When all the data is displayed inside your sunglasses, you're in the middle of the movie.

Qidi Vida, which is crowdfunded this time, is an excellent product that can be switched using voice, so you don't have to take your hands off it.

Can be used for cycling, hiking, golf and running. The amount of data that can be displayed is countless.


Watch the video below to learn how to use it

QIDI Vida uses AR HUD displays commonly used in luxury cars to display power status, steering, navigation, and more.

Whether you want to display the HUD or not, just control it with voice commands.

In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent lighting system and UV detection, so you can exercise with great comfort and protection.

The functions that can be used are:

  • Bike data: heart rate, calories, speed, time, power, everything you see on the meter
  • Within the network range and without distance restrictionsChat in real timemaybe
  • With camera function
  • Guidance by sport
  • You can make calls including voice calls from different apps like Line.
  • Open ear headphonesIt can also be used
  • Connect with devices from Apple, Garmin, Wahoo, iSport, Samsung and more.Supports seamless ANT+ and BT connection
  • Image translation
  • If you don't recognize plants, animals, or even road signs, QIDI Vida will do it for youGet to know him
  • During a speech or meetingView the created document
  • While walkinghighAtmospheric pressure, ultraviolet radiation, temperature, humidity,See other important metrics
  • Weight is 59 grams, and the lens can be changed
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This is a review video.

It is crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Many products are already sold out. Prices start at $329 (about 50,000 yen).

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